ChatGPT rival Copilot will be available on your next Windows laptop via the Copilot key
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ChatGPT rival Copilot will be available on your next Windows laptop via the Copilot key

According to Microsoft, this is the year of the AI PC.

Microsoft just revealed a cool update for Windows 11 keyboards! They’re adding a special key called the “Copilot key.” With a simple press, users can now easily access Copilot’s smart tools. It’s like the Windows key that opens the Start menu, but this new key launches Copilot, an AI helper that works across Windows and Microsoft apps. This small design change is a big deal for making things even more convenient!

Copilot is being made more accessible by Microsoft

In February of last year, Microsoft introduced Copilot, a powerful AI tool that uses advanced language models and data from Microsoft 365 to generate ideas, draft emails, summarize conversations, and more. Over the past year, Microsoft has expanded Copilot’s capabilities to include Bing Chat, Copilot for Microsoft 365, and integration into Windows 11. The next big move is to streamline all these AI features under one button, the Copilot key.

This key consolidates various AI functionalities and symbolizes the integration of hardware, software, and seamless connectivity. Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President and Consumer Chief Marketing Officer, envisions a significant shift toward a more personal and intelligent computing future in the coming year. He emphasizes that AI will be intricately woven into Windows, from the system to the silicon to the hardware. This move aims to simplify users’ computing experiences and enhance them, declaring 2024 as the year of the AI PC.

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The newly introduced Copilot key is set to debut on numerous Windows 11 PCs showcased at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Starting from late February, you can expect this feature, including its integration into upcoming Surface devices. Keep an eye out for these updates as they roll out, bringing the convenience of the Copilot key to a range of Windows 11 devices.

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