A Meta Quest VR game is coming to ‘Taskmaster’
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A Meta Quest VR game is coming to ‘Taskmaster’

As a contestant, you’ll be part of the show.

Guess what? The hilarious UK comedy series, Taskmaster, is getting its very own virtual reality game called Taskmaster VR! In this game, you get to be a contestant and tackle all sorts of funny and crazy challenges. While there’s no exact release date, you can look forward to playing it soon on Meta Quest and Steam. Get ready for a virtual adventure filled with laughter!

Exciting news! Scallywag Arcade, the creators of the game, treated us to a sneak peek with a teaser trailer on Wednesday. Brace yourself because host Greg Davies looks even scarier in CGI!

Taskmaster has been entertaining us for a whopping 16 seasons with around 150 episodes. Famous comedians like James Acaster, Bob Mortimer, Mae Martin, and many more have taken on wacky challenges in the show. From toppling skittles to retrieving table tennis balls from pipes, the tasks are as bizarre as they come. Host Greg Davies, alongside the show’s creator Alex Horne, awards points to the celebrities based on their performance.

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Let’s face it, we’ve all secretly dreamed of being on Taskmaster, but not all of us can be famous enough for an invite. Well, guess what? The VR version might just be the closest thing to living that dream! Get ready for some virtual fun and challenges that’ll make you laugh your socks off!

Taskmaster VR can be wishlisted now on Steam.

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