Spam-filtering branded calls launched by AT&T
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Spam-filtering branded calls launched by AT&T

AT&T is revolutionizing the fight against spam calls with the introduction of Branded Call Display, a groundbreaking service designed to empower users to distinguish authentic calls from potential scams. This initiative leverages the Stir/Shaken protocol, a robust caller authentication system utilized by US carriers for years to combat robocalls.

In an innovative collaboration with TransUnion, a leading credit reporting agency, AT&T is taking caller ID to the next level by incorporating company logos into the display. Branded Call Display, developed by TruContact, adds an extra layer of verification to ensure that legitimate businesses are making the calls. The Stir/Shaken protocol, which uses digital signatures, plays a pivotal role in preventing malicious actors from spoofing trusted company images.

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This cutting-edge technology is seamlessly integrated into both iPhone and Android devices, requiring no additional steps for users to activate. AT&T customers will be the first to experience the benefits of Branded Call Display, witnessing company logos as a mark of authenticity. Other major service providers may follow suit, contingent on their decision to integrate this advanced solution.

Companies eager to participate in this additional vetting process and have their logos displayed on users’ phones must subscribe to TransUnion. The onus is on businesses to ensure their inclusion in this powerful tool that enhances call screening.

The roots of this initiative trace back to 2018 when AT&T and T-Mobile announced plans to implement the Stir/Shaken protocol. Following their lead, other mobile service providers adopted this technology, with the Federal Communications Commission mandating its implementation by smaller providers by mid-2023 to combat the persistent issue of robocalls.

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While the FCC continues its relentless crackdown on robocalls, with warnings, shutdowns of repeat offenders, and communication blocks, the introduction of Branded Call Display provides consumers with an additional tool to make informed decisions about answering calls.

In a parallel move, AT&T unveils a service allowing businesses to make branded calls, marking a significant step in the ongoing battle against spam calls. Opting into the program enables businesses to have their brand name and logo displayed when calling AT&T wireless customers, providing a distinctive identity amid the deluge of spam calls.

This initiative, powered by “TruContact Branded Call Display” through TransUnion, employs the STIR/SHAKEN protocol to prevent illegal number spoofing, in alignment with FCC mandates. Neustar, a company integral to US phone number databases, further reinforces this initiative, adding an extra layer of credibility.

AT&T customers using Android phones seamlessly receive branded calls without any additional steps, witnessing company logos during incoming calls and in call details if they miss the call. For users of other operating systems, unlocking phones or enabling facial recognition ensures a seamless experience for receiving branded calls.

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This strategic collaboration between AT&T, TransUnion, and Neustar represents a powerful step forward in the battle against spam calls, providing users with greater confidence in connecting with genuine businesses and fostering a safer and more secure communication environment.

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