Apple’s iPhone is on the rise in India, with growing demand for its Pro models
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Apple’s iPhone is on the rise in India, with growing demand for its Pro models

Apple’s iPhone seen gaining market share in India as Pro model demand rises

Apple is projected to capture a larger portion of the smartphone sales market in India, driven by the growing shipments of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models.

In India, Apple’s iPhone is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s all because people are really loving the Pro models. This has made many smartphone users in the country really excited and eager.

Imagine this: Apple, the big tech company, is doing really well in India right now. And the reason is simple: people can’t get enough of the Pro models, specifically the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. These are not just regular phones; they are super fancy and powerful, and everyone wants to have one.


Now, why is this happening? Let’s dig a little deeper. According to experts who study the smartphone market, Apple is expected to sell even more phones in India. They think Apple will go from selling 5% of all the phones in the first half of 2023 to selling 7% from July to December. That’s pretty impressive growth!

But what’s even more interesting is why this is happening. Apple has decided that India is going to be a really important place for them to sell phones. They know that their main phone isn’t selling as well as it used to in some other countries, so they’re focusing on India. To make this happen, the companies that make the parts for Apple’s phones are working really hard in India. This shows that Apple is serious about making India a big part of their business.

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People in India are super excited about the new iPhone models, especially the 15 Pro and Pro Max. When these phones were released, people were so eager to buy them that they had to wait until late October to get one. This waiting time is similar to what happened in other countries like China and the United States, where people also really like Apple’s products.

Experts who study this stuff think that the Pro models are going to be really popular. They believe that these models will make up 25% of all the iPhones sold in India in the last part of the year. That’s 4% more than what the previous models sold at the same time last year.

One smart person who knows a lot about phones said, “People in India really like fancy phones, and Apple is doing a great job with them. The fancy phone market in India has grown a lot from 2019 to now, and Apple has played a big part in this.” This shows that Apple’s phones are getting really popular among people who want nice, high-end phones.

Apple is the leader in the market for phones that cost more than $800 in India. They have 67% of the market, which is a lot! The company that’s next to them, Samsung, has 31%.

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Apple is also opening two really fancy stores in India this year. And guess what? Apple’s big boss, Tim Cook, said that they made a lot of money in India during the summer. So, they’re doing really well there.

But even with all this success, Apple still has a long way to go before they can make as much money in India as they do in other big countries. One group that knows about money thinks that Apple makes about half as much money in India as they do in China.

Apple’s iPhone story in India is all about getting really popular. With people loving the Pro models so much, Apple is doing great in one of the world’s coolest smartphone markets. And as more and more people in India want to have Apple’s awesome phones, there’s a lot of excitement about what’s coming next for this big tech company in India.

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