Android users can now use Microsoft Copilot as a ChatGPT-like app
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Android users can now use Microsoft Copilot as a ChatGPT-like app

Android users no longer need the Bing mobile app to access Copilot.

Microsoft recently introduced a specialized Copilot app for Android users. You can now find this app on the Google Play Store, allowing you to access Microsoft’s AI-driven Copilot without having to use the Bing mobile app. Neowin first discovered the Android release, which has been available for about a week. However, there’s no iOS version available at the moment.

Microsoft’s Copilot app on Android closely resembles ChatGPT, offering users access to chatbot features, image generation using DALL-E 3, and the capability to draft text for emails and documents. Notably, it provides free access to OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 model, a feature for which users typically have to pay when using ChatGPT.

Microsoft’s release of the Copilot app for Android follows just over a month after the rebranding of Bing Chat to Copilot. Initially, Microsoft introduced its AI initiative earlier in the year within the Bing search engine, incorporating a ChatGPT-like interface into search results. Despite the continued availability of this integration, Microsoft has opted to abandon the Bing Chat branding, allowing Copilot to evolve into a more independent experience with its dedicated domain at—similar to the standalone nature of ChatGPT.

The introduction of mobile apps for Copilot represents a logical progression in expanding this independent Copilot experience. This is especially evident as Bing Chat Enterprise underwent rebranding to Copilot. Although there is currently no indication of an iOS version of Copilot, it may be on the horizon. In the meantime, users can still access Copilot features through the Bing app on an iPhone or iPad.

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Microsoft’s Copilot app for Android, launched after rebranding Bing Chat, provides standalone AI experiences. No iOS version yet, but access via the Bing app is available.

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