According to reports, Apple will launch Vision Pro in February
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According to reports, Apple will launch Vision Pro in February

Just weeks remain until Apple launches its $3,499 mixed reality headset.

Apple’s announcement in June about the upcoming Vision Pro headset set for an “early next year” release might happen sooner than expected. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, there are indications that the device could be launched as early as February. Given that it’s a pricey $3,499 product with likely limited availability, it’s understandable that there may not be another formal launch event. However, introducing this high-tech device involves significant preparations, such as training Apple Store employees to assist new users, customize fittings, and handle options for prescription lenses.

Introducing the Vision Pro headset marks the debut of Apple’s first new hardware platform in quite some time, complete with the innovative visionOS software. Looking ahead, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests that the next version of this software is on the horizon, expected to launch in 2024 alongside the customary updates for Mac and iPhone software. Additionally, the recent rollout of iOS 17.2 brings a notable feature: the iPhone 15 Pro can now capture 3D-encoded spatial videos at 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second. To experience these immersive videos in full detail, a compatible headset is required for playback.

Developers are gearing up for the Vision Pro headset launch, receiving a recent notification urging them to “get ready.” This preparation likely involves creating software tailored for virtual and mixed reality environments or adapting existing iPad and iPhone apps for use with the Vision Pro. While unforeseen factors could potentially cause delays, the report indicates that production in China has been operating at “full speed” for several weeks. The goal is to have retail units ready by the end of January, setting the stage for their availability in stores shortly thereafter.

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