The YouTuber ‘JerryRigEverything’ claims Casetify plagiarized his designs
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The YouTuber ‘JerryRigEverything’ claims Casetify plagiarized his designs

Hey there! If you’re looking for some interesting phone case drama after Thanksgiving, we’ve got the scoop for you.

So, there’s this phone case company called Casetify in Hong Kong, and they’re facing some legal trouble. Turns out, a tech teardown YouTuber named JerryRigEverything caught them releasing cases that tried to copy the inside tech of a phone. What makes it even more interesting is that JerryRigEverything had previously worked with a brand on a similar project. Drama alert!

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On its own, copying the idea of clear tech designs might not seem like a big deal, considering it’s been a trend for a long time. However, what’s making this a plagiarism issue is that Casetify’s designs, which they’ve now taken down, had very particular hidden elements. These were basically secret messages or “easter eggs.” Here’s the kicker: these same hidden details were also in the designs created by JerryRigEverything. For example, there was a case with “R0807” (or “robot”) written on metal pins, and Casetify replicated this exact detail in their case. That’s where the plot thickens!

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Additionally, dbrand accused Casefiy of stealing X-Ray designs from iFixit.

Casetify did admit to taking down the designs in a statement. Oddly enough, in that same statement, they brought up a DDOS attack on their website, which apparently occurred “when the allegation surfaced.” It’s a bit unclear how a cyber attack connects to the accusation of swiping phone case designs. It seems like there might be more to this story than meets the eye!

Phone case drama isn’t a common occurrence, so it’s a rare treat when it happens. Better savor and enjoy the juicy details while they last in the phone case community!

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