A medication tracking feature has been introduced by Samsung Health
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A medication tracking feature has been introduced by Samsung Health

The Samsung Health app just got a cool upgrade! Now, if you’re in the United States, when you update the app this week, you’ll find a nifty medication tracking feature.

With this new tool, you can set reminders to take your meds and ask your doctor for refills. The best part? You get to choose how strong these reminders are – from a gentle nudge to a strong alert.

If it’s a really important pill, the app will give you a big alert with a loud sound on your phone. But for less crucial reminders, like for your vitamins, you’ll just get a little pop-up notification. And if you have a Galaxy Watch, you can get these reminders on your wrist, even if your phone isn’t nearby.

Adding a new medication is easy – you can put in details like what the pill looks like, how much you should take, and when to take it. The app also gives you info about the drug, like how to use it and possible side effects. It’s like having a personal health assistant!

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Samsung teamed up with Elsevier, who knows a lot about medical stuff, to make sure the info in the app is reliable. To use this cool new feature, make sure your phone is running Android 8.0 or newer, and you have the Samsung Health app version 6.26 or later. Keep an eye out for the update!

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