Streamers will be able to share quick Instagram-like posts with their followers with Twitch Stories
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Streamers will be able to share quick Instagram-like posts with their followers with Twitch Stories

Twitch Stories Will Allow Streamers to Share Quick Instagram-like Posts With Followers

Twitch users might start getting some bothersome pop-up messages from their Twitch subscriptions. Streamers on the mobile streaming app can now use Twitch Stories, just like how people share quick updates and promote themselves on Snapchat and Instagram.

Twitch’s senior product manager, Eduardo Fenili, explained in a blog post on Monday that the Stories feature on Twitch functions much like it does on other competing apps. The recent update to the streaming platform introduces a new section called “Stories” on the “Following” page. In this section, users will find a continuous stream of content from the creators they follow, featuring images, text, and short clips from their live streams. Creators can also personalize their Stories by adding custom backgrounds using pre-designed templates.

If you’re a creator on Twitch, you’ll find the new “Stories” option when you tap the plus button on your Twitch account. Users will now receive notifications whenever a creator they’ve subscribed to shares a new story. Twitch streamers can also see how many people have viewed or reacted to their posts.

Twitch Stories

This feature works much like it does on Instagram. Each story disappears after 48 hours, and users can express their reactions with emotes. The key difference here is who can create these stories. Twitch has limited story creation to streamers who have conducted at least one stream in the past month. For exclusive sub-only stories, available to paying subscribers, creators must have at least 30 subscribers, including gift subscriptions. This is intended to encourage more users to subscribe, as it’s the only way to access these subscriber-exclusive stories.

The rollout of this feature will happen gradually for all users over the course of the week, with eligibility in mind. Additionally, Twitch is planning to allow creators to create stories using videos captured on their phones. The platform is also working on other features like in-message polls and mentions for future updates.

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Twitch initially hinted at the development of a Stories format in August as a way to create short-lived content. According to Fenili, this new feature benefits creators when they need to make public announcements, whether their stream is running late or they want to share something about their personal lives.

The company has made it clear that all Stories content must adhere to their community guidelines. Users have the option to report Stories, similar to how they can report a regular stream if they come across any content that violates those guidelines.

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Seven years ago, Instagram adopted the concept of Stories from Snapchat. Subsequently, the Meta-owned Instagram had to introduce a chronological feed for Stories to comply with EU regulations. Currently, Twitch’s new feature is limited to content creators that users follow. However, it’s possible that Twitch might eventually create a fully algorithm-driven “for you” Stories feed, suggesting creators the company believes you might be interested in.

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