Amazon’s Innovative Approach: Amazon ‘Enhancing’ Reviews with AI
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Amazon’s Innovative Approach: Amazon ‘Enhancing’ Reviews with AI

Staying updated in the fast-paced AI industry can be challenging. Here’s a brief roundup of last week’s machine learning news and notable research, including Amazon’s reviews with AI enhancements.

Amazon has introduced a new feature that uses artificial intelligence to create and display summaries of customer reviews on product pages. The feature aims to help shoppers quickly understand the overall feedback and key points about products before buying.

Amazon Enhancing Reviews with AI
Amazon Enhancing Reviews with AI

The feature is currently available to “a subset of mobile shoppers” in the US for a variety of products, and it may be expanded in the future, according to a post by Amazon on Monday.

The feature is part of Amazon’s efforts to build generative AI applications that improve and enhance their customers’ experience, as stated by Amazon CEO Andy Jassy earlier this month.

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In a prior report featured on CNBC, we got an initial glimpse into what this new feature was all about. This report delved into a kids’ plaything known as “Magic Mixies,” a cauldron-themed toy. According to an AI-generated summary, some buyers were quite taken with the toy due to its enjoyable features, appealing appearance, reasonable value, reliable performance, good quality, and hassle-free charging. Nevertheless, it also emerged that a significant number of customers shared the viewpoint that the $100 price tag was on the steep side for this toy. The summary further touched upon concerns expressed by customers regarding the product’s overall quality and its charging capabilities.

As our catalog continued to expand, reviews became increasingly valuable and important. In response, we became more intentional about how we facilitated the review process for customers and how we presented these reviews back to them.

To make it simpler for customers to share their thoughts on their purchases, we proactively encouraged them to provide feedback through our app. Additionally, we implemented a feature that allows reviews written in one country to appear on a product page in another country, provided the product is identical across regions. This way, customers can benefit from a global perspective and insights into a particular product.

In our ongoing commitment to assisting customers in shopping for apparel with confidence on Amazon, we introduced a unique feature. This feature permits customers to filter clothing reviews based on the height and weight of the reviewer, giving them a better understanding of how the clothing might fit them personally.

New Amazon ‘Enhancing’ Reviews with AI Highlights

Amazon ‘Enhancing’ Reviews with AI

Our goal is to simplify the process for customers to grasp the recurring themes in reviews. With the recent strides in generative AI, we are confident that we can finally tackle this persistent customer requirement. Imagine being able to swiftly grasp the collective sentiments of other customers about a product without delving into each review individually. Our newly introduced AI-powered feature accomplishes just that. It presents a concise paragraph directly on the product detail page, spotlighting the frequently mentioned product attributes and customer feelings from the written reviews. This streamlined approach enables customers to make informed decisions at a glance, helping them assess whether a product aligns with their needs.

New Amazon AI-generated customer review highlights
New Amazon AI-generated customer review highlights

This exciting feature is now accessible to a specific group of mobile shoppers within the United States, encompassing a wide array of products. In addition to the AI-generated review highlights, it also incorporates vital product insights. This functionality empowers customers to effortlessly uncover reviews that discuss specific product characteristics. For instance, if a customer is interested in assessing the ease of use of a product, they can readily access reviews that highlight “ease of use” by simply tapping on that specific product attribute located within the review highlights section. This innovative approach enhances the shopping experience by providing targeted and relevant information to potential buyers.

How we keep the Amazon community safe and reviews authentic

As we continually strive to improve the reviews you see, our primary goal is to make sure you get the content and opinions that matter most to you. That’s why we’ve put in place Community Guidelines that not only help our AI algorithms but also our human moderators in maintaining a safe and relevant review space. We want you to express yourself and share your thoughts freely, adding that personal touch to your reviews. We strongly believe that this approach enriches the quality and reliability of the reviews you read. It’s something both those who write reviews and those who read them truly appreciate.

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We wholeheartedly welcome all types of reviews – the positive, the negative, and everything in between. However, we’re firm when it comes to fake reviews. These are the ones that aim to mislead you by providing biased, fake, or irrelevant information. We’re committed to rooting them out. We’ve invested in cutting-edge machine learning models that scrutinize numerous data points to detect potential risks, like unusual account behavior, sign-in patterns, review histories, and more. Additionally, our team of expert investigators uses advanced fraud-detection tools to proactively identify and prevent fake reviews from ever making it onto our platform.

AI-generated review highlights rely exclusively on verified purchases in our trusted review database to generate the highlights. By doing so, you are able to quickly get a sense of what the community thinks while maintaining a high level of trust and reliability in the reviews you see. Our reviews are what motivate us to continue improving. AI-generated review highlights rely exclusively on verified purchases in our trusted review database to generate the highlights. By doing so, you are able to quickly get a sense of what the community thinks while maintaining a high level of trust and reliability in the reviews you see. Our reviews are what motivate us to continue improving.

Here are a few other recent AI stories to note:

  • A Snapchat chatbot that went rogue: The in-app My AI feature, launched earlier this year to deal with controversy, briefly appeared to be acting on its own. There was a bug with the artificial intelligence, but Snapchat’s parent company Snap confirmed it was a bug after it posted its own Story to the app and stopped responding to users’ messages. Some Snapchat users found it disconcerting.
  • OpenAI proposes a new moderation technique: According to OpenAI, it has developed a way to use the GPT-4 generative AI model for content moderation, reducing human effort.
  • A new LLM training dataset: Allen Institute for AI has released a huge text dataset for large language models (LLM) along the lines of OpenAI’s ChatGPT that’s free to use and open for inspection. As the name implies, Dolma is the basis of the research group’s planned open language model, or OLMo (Dolma means “Data to feed the appetite of OLMo”).
  • AI assistant for Opera’s web browser app for iOS: Opera is adding an AI assistant to its web browser app. Aria, Opera’s browser AI product that was developed in partnership with OpenAI, is now integrated directly into the web browser and is free for all users.

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In a bid to improve the shopping experience, Amazon has introduced AI-generated review summaries. This new feature provides concise insights into product reviews, aiding customers in making informed decisions quickly. It enhances the shopping process, offering targeted information and maintaining trust through rigorous review authenticity measures.

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