Re:Invent kicks off with three new serverless offerings from Amazon
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Re:Invent kicks off with three new serverless offerings from Amazon

Amazon kicked off its annual customer conference, AWS re:Invent, in Las Vegas with some exciting additions to its serverless offerings. Matt Wood, AWS VP, explained that Aurora Serverless is perfect for quickly setting up a cloud database. However, as businesses grow to handle large-scale operations with millions of customers and records, managing these numbers becomes a challenge.

To address this, Amazon unveiled a “limitless database” feature for Aurora Serverless. This feature automates the sharding process, eliminating the need for customers to manually split data into smaller segments. As business needs evolve, Aurora Serverless can make adjustments and manage shards automatically, simplifying the entire process for customers.

In addition to this, Amazon introduced Elastic Cache Serverless, a serverless caching service positioned between application servers and databases. This service enhances response times and reduces database costs. It is designed for mission-critical applications, offering highly available caches with rapid response times, ready to scale for varying data volumes in under a minute.

Another notable update is the use of AI in Redshift Serverless, which now automatically optimizes and scales Amazon Redshift data warehouses based on query patterns and data volumes. This integration significantly reduces the workload for IT teams by handling optimization and scaling behind the scenes.

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The common thread among these offerings is their serverless nature, meaning that Amazon takes care of all the hardware management in the background. This approach ensures that businesses get just the right amount of resources, scaling up seamlessly when needed, without requiring IT teams to handle complex backend management tasks.

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