Destiny 2: The Final Shape expansion has been delayed until June 2024, Bungie confirms
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Destiny 2: The Final Shape expansion has been delayed until June 2024, Bungie confirms

After Lightfall issues, Bungie is taking its time to perfect The Final Shape.

On Monday, Bungie officially announced a delay in the release of Destiny 2: The Final Shape, pushing the launch date to June 4th, 2024. Speculation about the delay had surfaced last month following Bungie’s decision to implement layoffs at the studio, which coincided with a decline in Destiny 2 player numbers following the less-than-favorable reception of the Lightfall release.

Bungie has reportedly downsized its workforce by approximately 8 percent, impacting various departments such as community management, engineering, social media, and QA. This strategic move comes in the aftermath of negative reviews and player feedback surrounding the Lightfall expansion, prompting the studio to prioritize precision in the development of Destiny 2: The Final Shape.

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The Final Shape is a highly ambitious expansion designed to bring a conclusion to Destiny’s intricate light and darkness narrative. Bungie has kept details under wraps, providing only glimpses of what players can anticipate. One intriguing aspect is the promise of venturing into “the Traveler,” a mysterious cosmic entity that looms motionless in the Destiny universe, serving as a vital source of light for players. The Final Shape will introduce the Pale Heart, marking Destiny’s inaugural linear destination. The studio’s commitment to refining and delivering a compelling experience underscores its dedication to meeting player expectations.

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In a recent blog post, the development team expressed that Destiny 2: The Final Shape represents the culmination of the first decade of Destiny storytelling and the countless hours Guardians have spent together. With a commitment to honoring this extensive journey, the team has decided to take the necessary time to deliver a vision that is not only bigger but also bolder, aiming to create an experience that will be cherished for years to come.

As part of their interim plans, the team announced the launch of Season of the Wish on Tuesday, which will extend until the release of The Final Shape. While the majority of Season of the Wish’s content and narrative will unfold as initially scheduled, running from late November to February, the team is introducing new content for all players to enjoy until The Final Shape’s launch. Come April, Bungie will roll out a new content update named Into the Light, designed to prepare players for their Guardian’s impending journey into the Traveler.

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The community can anticipate a glimpse of The Final Shape expansion through new gameplay footage that Bungie plans to share in April, offering an exciting preview of what’s to come in this highly anticipated chapter of the Destiny saga.

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