The new $195 thin client from Amazon looks just like the Fire TV Cube
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The new $195 thin client from Amazon looks just like the Fire TV Cube

Amazon has just launched a cool new gadget priced at $195 that’s like a work version of the Fire TV Cube. This nifty device lets office folks access their virtual desktops over the internet, making it easier and cheaper for companies to handle their tech needs.

Here’s the lowdown: Lots of businesses already use Amazon’s virtual desktop services, like Amazon WorkSpaces, but the catch is they usually have to buy pricey desktops or laptops for their employees, costing anywhere from $600 to $1200 each. Ouch!

Amazon heard the complaints and decided to do something about it. So, they came up with these new gadgets, like mini-computers, but way more affordable. They even look like the Fire TV Cube, which is a smart move because Amazon already knows a thing or two about making streaming devices.

The best part? These mini-computers, or “thin clients,” don’t store any data on them. Instead, they do most of their work in the cloud, specifically Amazon’s AWS Cloud. That means if you lose one or it gets swiped, your company data stays safe and sound in the cloud.

Amazon thin client

But wait, there’s more! Unlike the Fire TV Cube for home entertainment, these thin clients have USB and HDMI ports so you can connect all sorts of things like dual monitors, a mouse, a keyboard, a camera, a headset—you name it. It’s like having a supercharged computer setup without the crazy price tag.

The tech wizards at Amazon made it easy for IT folks to handle these devices from afar. They can fix problems, update stuff, and even set up new employees without having to be in the same room. It’s like magic, but with computers!

And here’s the best part for businesses: You can get these gadgets from Amazon’s business marketplace, and they even offer pre-configured options. That means you can be up and running in just five minutes faster than dealing with the headache of setting up regular computers.

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So, if you’re a business looking to save some serious cash on tech without sacrificing performance, these new gadgets from Amazon might just be your new best friend. Say goodbye to expensive desktops and hello to a smarter, more affordable way of getting things done. It’s like having your own tech superhero in a little black box.

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