You can step back in conversations with ‘Starfield’ mod
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You can step back in conversations with ‘Starfield’ mod

There’s a new mod for Starfield that changes the way you talk to characters. Normally, when you have conversations with NPCs, the camera gets really close to their faces. But now, thanks to a mod by user AntoniX on Nexus Mods, you can turn off this first-person dialogue camera.

So, instead of being super up close and personal with characters like your fellow Constellation members, Freestar Rangers, or the snooty residents of New Atlantis, the mod lets you switch to a third-person view. This means you won’t have to stare directly into their eyes during conversations. It’s especially useful in scenes with multiple people, where the first-person view can be a bit overwhelming. Plus, you can still move around while talking, adding a bit of freedom to your interactions.

In action, it looks like this:

If you’re playing Starfield on PC through Steam or Xbox PC Game Pass, you can get the mod from Nexus Mods. The installation instructions are available there, but to use the mod, make sure you have the Address Library for SFSE Plugins and Starfield Script Extender installed. These tools help you set up and run the mod for a more customized gaming experience.

PC Gamer noted that this mod works well with other mods, including the Enhanced Dialogue Interface by Seb263. This particular mod centers the NPC during conversations and improves caption readability by adding a drop shadow. So, if you’re using both mods together, you can enhance your Starfield experience with improved dialogue presentation and easier reading.

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