Primes Diablo IV For Steam Release Later This Month
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Primes Diablo IV For Steam Release Later This Month

Bringing Diablo IV to Steam for the second time, Blizzard is bringing the hot summer game to Valve’s online store.

Blizzard is expanding its reach by bringing Diablo IV to Steam. Beginning on October 17, PC gamers will have the option to enjoy the action RPG within Valve’s ecosystem, as opposed to Blizzard’s own launcher,

Activision Blizzard’s ongoing effort to expand its game presence on Steam continues with the inclusion of Diablo IV. This move follows the arrival of Overwatch 2 on the platform in August, despite facing some negative reviews, it managed to establish itself as a bestseller on Steam.

Historically, Blizzard’s games have primarily resided within the ecosystem. However, this shift of Diablo IV to Steam underscores the company’s strategy to broaden its audience by making its titles accessible on a massive PC storefront like Steam, even if it means paying platform fees to reach new players.

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In comparison to Overwatch 2, which made its way to Steam nearly a year after its initial release, Diablo IV’s transition after just four months is notably quicker. This accelerated shift is likely influenced by Diablo IV’s strong performance in the months following its June launch. It was touted as Blizzard’s fastest-selling game ever, and Activision Blizzard wasted no time celebrating its success. The move to Steam is expected to further enhance its popularity, particularly with the added benefit of cross-play support across PC and console versions.

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Diablo IV marks a significant milestone as the first entry in the series to make its debut on Steam. Considering that the lifecycle of Diablo 3 has recently concluded and Diablo II: Resurrected remains active, it’s not unreasonable to expect that these two titles may follow suit and become available on the platform. This would allow Steam players to immerse themselves in the complete Diablo franchise, experiencing its rich history in a modern gaming context.

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