Windows 11-inspired Microsoft Teams desktop app is now available
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Windows 11-inspired Microsoft Teams desktop app is now available

Microsoft’s redesigned Teams app is now available on Windows, Mac

For a faster and more user-friendly experience, Microsoft redesigned Teams for Windows and Mac.

Microsoft is introducing an upgraded version of the Microsoft Teams chat client, meticulously redesigned for improved speed and user convenience. This revamped application is now freely downloadable for both Windows and Mac users.

The latest iteration of the Teams app boasts a significant performance boost, with Microsoft affirming that it is now twice as fast and consumes 50 percent less memory. The installation process has been streamlined, now completed three times faster, and the app launches or joins meetings twice as swiftly. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the app now occupies a mere 70 percent less disk space.

Microsoft Team App
Innovative Redesign Users New Microsoft Team App For Windows and MAC Users

This substantial performance enhancement stems from Microsoft’s transition away from the Electron foundation of Teams towards Microsoft’s Edge WebView2 technology. In addition to this technological shift, Microsoft has adopted the React JavaScript library and dedicated efforts to enhance the overall design of Microsoft Teams using the Fluent design language system, resulting in numerous user interface improvements.

While the new Teams app had been in preview for several months, it has now officially launched, offering users access to its full range of advanced features.

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“We’ve achieved remarkable progress since the introduction of the new Teams in its public preview,” states Microsoft’s product lead, Anupam Pattnaik. “The new Teams now boasts complete feature parity across almost all aspects, encompassing custom line-of-business apps, third-party apps, breakout rooms, 7×7 video, call queues, PSTN calling, contextual search in chats and channels, cross-posting channel conversations, and much more.”

As part of this evolution, businesses will need to transition to the new Microsoft Teams, as all upcoming features will be exclusively delivered through this application.

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Microsoft also notes significant enhancements in performance for Mac users, enabling faster transitions between chats and channels and swift access to relevant information through an improved scrolling experience. Teams now offer native support on all Mac devices, including those with Apple silicon, providing an enhanced app experience for Mac users.

In the near future, Enterprise users will see a toggle asking them to upgrade their existing Teams app.

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