In nearly two years, Apple Music ends its Siri-only Voice Plan
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In nearly two years, Apple Music ends its Siri-only Voice Plan

Apple Music has discontinued its least expensive subscription option called the Voice Plan. This plan was introduced in 2021 and cost $5 per month. It provided a unique experience where you could only use voice commands with Siri to access and play music from Apple Music’s library. Now, this option is no longer available.

While Apple didn’t officially announce the discontinuation of the Apple Music Voice Plan, they shared the following message on their support page:

“Starting in November, Apple will no longer offer the Apple Music Voice plan. Our focus is on providing the best music experience for our customers, including features like Spatial Audio, real-time lyrics for Apple Music Sing, easy browsing and discovery, and more.”

It appears that the plan’s demise was hinted at when code references were discovered in iOS 17.1 beta by 9to5Mac, suggesting its impending discontinuation.

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The company did not provide a specific reason for ending the plan, but, likely, it didn’t gain much popularity. Users may have been put off by its limited features, such as the absence of real-time lyrics and the inability to add songs to their library or create custom playlists. Additionally, the Voice Plan was only available in select countries.

For those who miss the Siri-only experience, Apple noted that all their other Apple Music plans, including Individual, Student, Family, and Apple One, still allow subscribers to use Siri, including Type to Siri, to play songs, albums, playlists, and radio stations.

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Starting today, the Voice Plan has been officially taken down from Apple’s website. If you were already a Voice Plan subscriber, you can continue using it until the end of your current billing cycle, but the auto-renewal feature has been turned off.

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