The new voice actor for Mario can be found here
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The new voice actor for Mario can be found here

Kevin Afghani has taken over the plunger from Charles Martinet, Mario’s voice actor for over 25 years.

It has finally been revealed who Mario’s new voice actor is, after months of speculation, conspiracy theories, and misleading information. The revelation came from none other than Kevin Afghani himself, who took to the digital stage on X (formerly known as Twitter) this Friday to share the exciting news. With evident pride, Afghani declared, “I am incredibly honored to lend my voice to Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Gratitude to Nintendo for welcoming me into the enchanting Flower Kingdom!”

This announcement follows the departure of the iconic voice actor Charles Martinet, who graciously transitioned into the role of a Mario ambassador back in August.

Nintendo had maintained an air of secrecy around the identity of the new voice actor, promising to unveil the information within the credits of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. During the speculation-filled interim, various rumors surfaced, suggesting several actors, including Mick Wingert, as potential candidates for the beloved plumber role. However, Wingert promptly refuted these claims, denying his involvement in Wonder.

VGC reported earlier this week that a demo version of the game had been determined, revealing the game’s voice talent. It’s interesting to note that Afghani topped the alphabetical list by last name, confirming that he will be the voice of Mario in the highly anticipated Super Mario Bros. game.

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The Wonder promo video from Nintendo gives you a pretty good idea of Afghani’s Mario and Luigi voices.

Afghani’s IMDb profile showcases a budding talent with six notable credits, each contributing to his diverse range as an actor. Notably, he portrayed the iconic character Raditz in the Dragon Ball R&R series, bringing depth to the role. In the gaming world, Afghani lent his voice to the beloved character Arnold in Genshin Impact, captivating players with his exceptional voice-acting skills. Additionally, he added his distinctive voice to the amusingly titled show, Anime Penguin: Red Snow, adding his unique touch to the series. While his body of work may be growing, Afghani’s contributions continue to captivate audiences across various platforms.

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Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches on the Nintendo Switch on October 20th.

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