The new Echo Frames from Amazon are lighter, louder, and will be available starting next week
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The new Echo Frames from Amazon are lighter, louder, and will be available starting next week

Amazon Alexa-connected glasses, third generation, start at under $200 thanks to an early discount.

Amazon Echo Frames are a kind of smart glasses, but they’re not focusing on fancy augmented reality visuals like some other smart glasses do. Instead, they look like regular glasses but come with the Alexa voice assistant built right in. If you think this could be useful for you, good news – you can now pre-order the latest version, the third-generation Echo Frames, on Amazon, and there’s a $75 discount available.

In a preview earlier this fall, Naveed Amin from TheOrcTech highlighted some key points about the new Echo Frames. The significant changes go beyond just functionality; the latest version is lighter and better balanced than its predecessors. It also offers more stylish and colorful options. This is a notable improvement since the initial generation of Echo Frames had only one option that looked like basic reading glasses from a drugstore. The updated design is a more substantial enhancement than it might initially appear.

Next Generation Echo frames

The latest Echo Frames come with some notable improvements. The battery life has received a slight boost, now lasting up to six hours on a full charge. The speakers have been redesigned to deliver “three times more bass” compared to the second-generation Echo Frames. Each set of Echo Frames also features a small microphone designed to capture the user’s voice specifically (and not those of people nearby), enabling communication with Alexa. With these smart glasses, you can do things like command playlists, control your Alexa-enabled smart lights, play podcasts, make calls, and more. It’s a convenient and versatile way to interact with your devices.

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The regular price for the third-generation Echo Frames is $269.99. However, Amazon is currently running an “introductory price promotion,” offering a $75 discount for those who preorder the prescription-ready version. The Blue light-blocking Echo Frames have a slightly smaller discount, while the sunglasses are sold at the full price. Additionally, Amazon has continued its partnership with the Carrera brand, offering the third generation of Carrera Echo Frame sunglasses at $389.99, with a preorder price of $314.99.

The Echo Frames are available in five styles, including blue round, black rectangle, black square, brown cat eye, and grey rectangle. If you opt for the prescription-ready or blue light-filtering versions, you can take them to your optician once they arrive to have them fitted with prescription lenses. However, this isn’t necessary for the Echo Frames sunglasses.

You have the option to preorder the next-generation prescription-ready Echo Frames for $194.99. Alternatively, you can choose the blue light-filtering version or sunglasses for $224.99 or $254.99, respectively. There’s also the option to preorder the third generation of Carrera Echo Frame sunglasses at a discounted price of $314.99. It provides a range of choices to suit different preferences and needs.

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