Hwei’s abilities revealed in ‘League of Legends’
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Hwei’s abilities revealed in ‘League of Legends’

During the League of Legends World Championship final, Riot Games revealed the latest champion joining the game, Hwei, and provided details about his abilities.

Hwei is a mage designed for the mid-lane, filling a gap in League of Legends by introducing a male mage to this position. He’s anticipated to be a more intricate champion, boasting a total of 10 distinct abilities.

Hwei’s abilities are divided into three groups, each containing three spells. When one ability from a set is used, the other two in that set go on cooldown, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right spell.

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The first set, called Disaster, focuses on dealing with damage. Devastating Fire sends a fireball that explodes on the first enemy hit, causing area damage. Severing Bolt delivers a delayed strike dealing more damage to immobilized or isolated enemies. A molten Fissure releases a line of lava that slows enemies walking through it.

The second set, Serenity, is all about buffing Hwei and his teammates. Fleeting Current creates a movement speed zone on the map. Pool of Reflection grants an immediate shield to allies within its area. Stirring Lights provides Hwei with an attack buff, dealing bonus damage and restoring mana on hitting an opponent.

Hwei’s third set, Torment, focuses on crowd control skills. Grim Visage causes the first enemy hit to flee. The gaze of the Abyss locks onto the closest champion, rooting them after a short delay. Crushing Maw grabs enemies inside, pulling them to the center.

Hwei’s ultimate ability is Spiraling Despair, launching an orb that sticks to an enemy champion for a few seconds. The orb expands, dealing damage and a slow to enemies it touches before exploding for additional damage.

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Hwei is set to be released in League of Legends patch 13.24 in the coming weeks.

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