A late January/early February release is expected for Apple Vision Pro
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A late January/early February release is expected for Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s Vision Pro, set for a “late-January/early-February” release, faces high stakes as a new category, with 500,000 units projected for the year. Analysts deem it Apple’s pivotal product in 2024.

We’ve been aware of the Apple Vision Pro for over six months now, and despite the long-standing rumors, Apple’s inaugural “spatial computing” device remains a significant mystery in the world of consumer electronics as we approach the new year. Priced at $3,499, this headset was announced with a release timeframe of “early 2024” during the WWDC event in June. However, Apple has yet to provide more detailed information since then.

On December 24, Apple oracle Ming-Chi Kuo shared an early holiday gift, predicting a “late-January/early-February” release for the Vision Pro system. According to Kuo, the initial batch of Vision Pro units is expected to be shipped to Apple in about a month, totaling around 500,000 units for the entire year.

However, Apple’s specific goal for the year remains uncertain. Initial reports, about a month after the device’s unveiling, hinted at a reduction in expectations from one million to “fewer than 400,000.”

The 500,000 figure, even with the update, appears relatively modest for a tech giant like Apple, especially when considering the company’s annual shipment of over 200 million iPhones.

The Vision Pro is perceived as a substantial risk in Tim Cook’s 12-year tenure as CEO. It not only represents an entirely new product category and form factor for Apple but is also notably high-priced, even for Apple’s accustomed customer base. Moreover, with decades of VR falling short of expectations, Apple faces a significant challenge.

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Kuo goes so far as to label the Vision Pro as “Apple’s most important product of 2024.” Considering the years of speculation and the substantial investment in the headset, this statement underscores the significance of Apple’s foray into spatial computing.

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