You can now create AI songs using text prompts in Microsoft Copilot.
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You can now create AI songs using text prompts in Microsoft Copilot.

Can you tell me who owns them?

Microsoft Copilot now features a cool tool that lets you make an AI-generated song with just one line of text. This tool is linked with Suno AI, an app created by a team of musicians and AI experts, designed for easy and fun AI music creation.

You can access the tool by logging into Copilot with your Microsoft account and enabling the Suno plugin.

Using artificial intelligence for creative endeavors, like making music with a single text prompt, may not be as straightforward as it seems. Suno AI’s FAQs highlight important details: if you use the free version, the copyright for the generated music belongs to Suno, but if you’re subscribed to Pro or Premier, it belongs to you. However, Suno’s site doesn’t clearly explain how its AI creates music or the training data it uses. TheOrcTech reached out to Suno for clarification, but ownership remains a somewhat ambiguous area.

According to Suno’s FAQ, the copyright landscape for content generated by AI is intricate and constantly changing, varying across countries. They recommend consulting a qualified attorney to stay informed about the latest developments and the level of copyright protection applicable to the output you generate using Suno.

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AI Concerns Are Bringing Together Artists Across Industries

The topic of AI and copyright has gained significant attention this year, extending beyond the music industry. Some months back, notable authors joined forces to file a lawsuit against OpenAI, the entity behind ChatGPT. They alleged that OpenAI had violated their copyright by employing their works to train its AI.

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