Adobe AI push introduces new image-creation tools
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Adobe AI push introduces new image-creation tools

On Tuesday, Adobe announced the launch of innovative image-generation technology designed to derive artistic inspiration from an uploaded image and replicate its style. This move represents Adobe’s ongoing efforts to stay competitive in the face of emerging startups that pose challenges to its core business.

Image-generating technologies, exemplified by companies like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, have posed a competitive threat to Adobe, particularly among creative professionals who rely on Adobe’s suite of tools such as Photoshop.

In response to this challenge, Adobe, headquartered in San Jose, California, has taken a proactive approach by intensively developing its own iteration of this technology and seamlessly integrating it into its software offerings.

Adobe has assured its clientele that the images generated through its tools will remain free from legal complications. Impressively, Adobe reports that users have already harnessed these tools to create a staggering three billion images, with one billion produced within the last month alone.

The latest advancements unveiled on Tuesday introduce a feature named “Generative Match.” Much like Adobe’s earlier tool, it enables users to generate images based on a few lines of text. However, it now empowers users to upload as few as 10 to 20 reference images, which serve as a foundation for the generated content.

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Ely Greenfield, Adobe’s Chief Technology Officer for digital media, expressed the company’s ambitious goal of allowing major brands to upload a handful of product or character images, leveraging generative technology to automatically generate hundreds or even thousands of images for diverse applications, such as websites, social media campaigns, and print advertisements.

Greenfield emphasized the evolution in photography, stating that “Up until a few months ago, it was still a very manual process to get all those photos – not only to take the photos but then to process them.” He envisages a shift towards virtual photography, where images are created from scratch. A substantial portion of this creative process will also involve traditional photography or creativity, complemented by the adaptability offered by generative technology.

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On top of these advancements, Adobe’s Tuesday announcement includes tools for generating vector graphics, which are easily scalable and frequently used for logos and product labels, as well as tools for creating templates for brochures and various other design elements.

Greenfield clarified that the pricing structure will remain consistent, with no changes beyond what was previously disclosed in September.

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