OpenAI Finally Allows ChatGPT Complete Internet Access
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OpenAI Finally Allows ChatGPT Complete Internet Access

OpenAI’s ChatGPT now offers Plus and Enterprise users unrestricted internet access with its “Browse with Bing” feature, pushing ethical boundaries in AI. Integrated into Microsoft’s Bing browser, this update includes DALL-E 3 integration, empowering users creatively. OpenAI’s constant innovation redefines conversational AI capabilities.

OpenAI’s well-known chatbot can now explore the deep parts of the internet. The company announced on Tuesday that the “Browse with Bing” feature is available for ChatGPT users with Plus or Enterprise subscriptions. This feature allows ChatGPT to access current information instead of being limited to the old information that stopped in September 2021.

While there are already plugins and apps that enable ChatGPT to browse the internet, this official release suggests that OpenAI believes their AI’s ethical boundaries can handle unrestricted access to both the good and the bad parts of the internet. This new feature is accessible on both the web and mobile versions for customers who subscribe to the $20 monthly plan.

ChatGPT is already integrated into Microsoft’s Bing browser, showing a significant collaboration. In a similar spirit, OpenAI’s latest AI image generator, DALL-E 3, is now integrated with ChatGPT. OpenAI announced on Monday that DALL-E 3 will be added to ChatGPT, allowing users to generate deepfakes and creative art through the chatbot’s user interface.

During the annual Microsoft Build conference, OpenAI’s major partner, Microsoft, introduced this feature in its beta phase in May. However, a few months later, OpenAI temporarily halted the “Browse with Bing” feature, stating that it was presenting content in ways they disapproved of. In reality, OpenAI may have paused the feature because users found ways to bypass the paywall.

It wasn’t until September that OpenAI re-introduced the “Browse with Bing” feature. This update also included new speech-to-text capabilities, allowing paying users to have direct conversations with the chatbot. ChatGPT can now respond to prompts using an AI-generated voice. Furthermore, the bot can understand images and answer user queries based on the information within a picture.

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While ChatGPT is proficient at recognizing objects like bicycles, it struggles with understanding complex human interactions. An example from the ChatGPT subreddit involved a request to interpret the social dynamics in two images from a sexual harassment training course. In this case, an unwanted hand on a woman’s shoulder was incorrectly identified as a man “offering comfort or reassurance.”

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Facing competition from various quarters, OpenAI is rapidly introducing new features. In November, the company is rumored to enhance the enterprise developer version of ChatGPT with increased memory storage and improved vision capabilities. These updates may be officially announced at the company’s developer conference on November 6.

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