Video startup Captions launches new AI dubbing app Lipdub with Gen Z slang
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Video startup Captions launches new AI dubbing app Lipdub with Gen Z slang

Captions, the dynamic two-year-old AI video startup, spearheaded by Gaurav Misra, an industry veteran with prior roles as the Head of Design Engineering at Snap and a Software Development Engineer (II) at Microsoft, continues to drive innovation with unwavering determination.

Fresh from securing a substantial $25 million in funding from renowned venture capitalists earlier this summer, the company is making waves once again by introducing a dedicated AI dubbing application called Lipdub. This innovative app effortlessly translates and dubs any pre-recorded video, aligning the speaker’s lip movements with the spoken words in 28 different languages using advanced artificial intelligence.

For its initial release, Lipdub is exclusively available on iOS, and the best part is that it’s free to download, without the need for an existing Captions app account. Much like Captions, Lipdub users can seamlessly take the videos they edit and share them on other popular platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels.

Gen Z slang and translating spoken words

Lipdub aims to gain a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded field of AI dubbing and audio translation services by offering the unique capability to translate using various dialects and vocabulary, including options like Gen Z and Texas slang.

Gaurav Misra, as stated in a message relayed by a company spokesperson, expressed the motivation behind their technological advancement: “AI Dubbing’s success inspired us to push this technology to the next level and introduce synced lip movement to the mix. Since then, we’ve been dedicated to making this technology widely accessible, which led us to create and launch Lipdub as a standalone app.”

Presently, Captions boasts over 100,000 daily users and a user base exceeding 5 million “creators” who have explored its diverse range of products. These include its iOS video creation and editing app, along with its website, which allows creators to upload and compress videos, utilize the AI Eye Contact feature to automatically correct videos where the speaker wasn’t looking at the camera, and seamlessly add AI-generated subtitles and captions to videos, as the company’s name aptly suggests.

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Within the Captions iOS app, users can take advantage of features like AI Trim, which automatically eliminates “filler” words such as “uhs” and “umms,” as well as AI Enhance Speech which effectively removes background noise. Notably, notable personalities and organizations, including Disney-owned sports network ESPN’s commentator Omar Raja, the esteemed “Mr. Wonderful” from Shark Tank, Justin Kan, the founder of Twitch, and the influential Unnecessary Inventions have all embraced and utilized this innovative app.

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