How to use the iOS 17 contact sharing feature — swap phone numbers in seconds
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How to use the iOS 17 contact sharing feature — swap phone numbers in seconds

How to Use iOS 17 namedrop?

Apple introduced an innovative contact-sharing feature called “NameDrop” in iOS 17. This exciting addition, inspired by AirDrop, allows seamless exchange of contact information among iPhone users.

Processes are seamless. It’s no longer necessary to figure out how to exchange contact information awkwardly. Simply place your iPhone over your iPhone to capture your phone number and email address.

Here are three easy steps you can follow.

Step 1: Place your iPhone over the other person’s iPhone

iPhone Namedrop

Gently position your iPhone, screen facing up, over the notch area of the other user’s iPhone (make sure their iPhone is facing up as well). Witness a subtle glow, confirming the successful connection between the two iDevices.

Step 2: You’ll see two options on your screen: “Receive Only” and “Share”

iOS 17 contact sharing

At this point, you’ll be presented with two options: “Receive Only” and “Share.” Option for “Receive Only” if you prefer to solely receive the other person’s contact details. Alternatively, select “Share” to prompt NameDrop to facilitate the exchange of both contact details seamlessly.

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Step 3: You should now receive the other person’s contact details

Selecting another user will display their contact poster and any details they have shared.

Note that NameDrop only works for getting new contact information; it cannot be used to update existing contacts.

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