Silicon Valley Elites Show Off Renderings of Exclusive New City They Want to Build in the Bay Area
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Silicon Valley Elites Show Off Renderings of Exclusive New City They Want to Build in the Bay Area

Tech billionaires in Silicon Valley are working on a “California Forever” project that aims to transform a part of Solano County in northern California into a picturesque city resembling a Mediterranean vacation spot. The city plans include stucco buildings, red-tiled roofs, a family-friendly atmosphere, and lots of solar panels for sustainability.

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The project is backed by influential tech figures like LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, venture capitalist Marc Andreesen, Stripe co-founders Patrick and John Collison, and others. They’ve been quietly buying up land in eastern Solano County since 2018, but until now, details about their plans have been scarce.

The envisioned city would support tens of thousands of residents living in two-story townhouses facing public park areas. It’s unclear how much land the project would occupy, and who would get the chance to live there. However, California Forever assures that neighboring farms will continue farming, while their owned lands will host housing, solar farms, open spaces, and conservation areas for agriculture and wildlife.

Importantly, they need to ensure there’s enough space for Travis Air Force Base, and local politicians and residents need to approve a ballot initiative to allow urban development on agricultural land.

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Critics are concerned about affordability, as there isn’t a clear plan to make housing affordable for locals. The company has asked residents if they would support the project if locals were given priority access.

In essence, wealthy tech entrepreneurs are funding a new city project in northern California that resembles a Mediterranean paradise, but affordability and detailed plans for local residents remain unclear.

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