Netflix Games Are Inching Ever Closer to Your TV
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Netflix Games Are Inching Ever Closer to Your TV

From Canada and the UK to the U.S., the streaming giant is expanding its beta test.

In August, Netflix shared its plan to expand its gaming offerings, which originally began with the introduction of mobile games in 2021. Now, this plan is getting closer to becoming a reality as Netflix aims to bring games to all the devices people use to watch their content, such as televisions and computers.

During the summer, the company announced that it was launching a limited beta test for a small group of members in Canada and the UK. This test began on specific TVs and was scheduled to expand to PCs and Macs through in supported web browsers over the next few weeks. The initial test included two games: “Oxenfree” developed by Night School Studio, a part of Netflix Game Studio, and “Molehew’s Mining Adventure,” an arcade game about mining gems. These games could be played on a TV using a phone or on a computer with a keyboard and mouse.

Today, according to a report by our source, an update has been made to the announcement, revealing that this “limited beta test” is beginning to roll out in the United States. Although no new details were provided in the original post, it’s an encouraging sign that the test, which has had a few months to gather feedback from users in Canada and the UK, is now expanding to the U.S. 

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Just as before, the games on TV will be available on specific devices from initial partners, which include Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Players, Chromecast with Google TV, LG TVs, Nvidia Shield TV, Roku devices and TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, and Walmart ONN. Additionally, more devices will be added to the list as the test progresses.

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