iPhone 17.2 beta 4: 5 new features in your iPhone
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iPhone 17.2 beta 4: 5 new features in your iPhone

Some users will be excited about this new notification feature.

On Tuesday, Apple released the fourth beta of iOS 17.2 to developers. If you’re part of the developer testing program, you can explore the latest additions that Apple has introduced in this update.

According to reports from MacRumors, this version brings five new features, one of which addresses a frequently requested improvement in notification functionality.

5. Notification sounds are now customizable

Now, you have the ability to set your preferred sound as the default on iOS. As reported by 9to5Mac, this marks the first instance where iOS allows users to make such customizations. This feature extends beyond mail, text, and calendar alerts, which already provide options for users to configure.

Under the “Sound & Haptics” section, you’ll find a new “Default Alerts” option.

4. Apple Music Playlists are now collaborative

Collaborative Apple Music Playlists were initially introduced with iOS 17.2 but are not present in the fourth beta version. It is uncertain whether this means they won’t be part of the final iOS 17.2 release.

It’s possible that the feature has been temporarily disabled or is being postponed to a later update within the iOS 17.2 series. The exact status will be clearer once Apple provides more information or when the final version is released.

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3. Renaming of the coverage section

In a minor update, Apple made a subtle change by replacing the word “Coverage” with “AppleCare & Warranty” in the Settings > General section.

Apart from this adjustment, everything else seems unchanged, except for the addition of a new “Warranty” section that provides information about the coverage for your iPhone.

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2. Use an external device to record directly

According to MacRumors, if you own an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max, you have the capability to record ProRes video directly to an external device.

1. No more iTunes purchases

A discovered code in iOS 17.2 suggests a change in how users acquire films and TV shows. The code indicates that buying or renting TV shows will now be done through the Apple TV app, hinting that iTunes may no longer facilitate these transactions.

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Apple is expected to release iOS 17.2 in December, which is expected to include the long-awaited Journal app.

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