The Key to Success for Pixel Watch 2: Exceptional Battery Life
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The Key to Success for Pixel Watch 2: Exceptional Battery Life

I have noticed a significant improvement in my Pixel Watch’s battery life over the past 10 months. Considering the leaks about the Pixel Watch 2, I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about it.

As I was testing out the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, I was genuinely surprised at how much of a difference even a slight improvement in battery life could make in my overall perception of the watch. This got me thinking about whether my feelings toward the Google Pixel Watch would change if it managed to eke out just a bit more battery life. So, as soon as I finished my review of the Samsung watch, I eagerly switched to the Pixel Watch.

I had some hope because I’ve noticed that Wear OS watches sometimes have this peculiar behavior of improving over time. Initially, right after setting up the watch, the battery life can be quite disappointing. Sometimes, it’s so bad that I even question whether I got a faulty unit. However, after a few days to about a week, the watch seems to adapt to my usage patterns, and it starts performing a bit better. What’s even more frustrating is that months down the line, companies release software updates that miraculously transform what used to be comically bad battery life into something tolerable. It’s not a sure thing for every Android watch, but I’ve seen it happen with the Galaxy Watches 4 and 5.

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It seems that’s what also happened to my Pixel Watch.

Over the past 10 days or so, I’ve been consistently getting between 24 to 30 hours of battery life on my Pixel Watch, even with the always-on display (AOD) enabled. Now, this might not sound all that impressive when you compare it to a Garmin watch, but it’s essential to grasp just how terrible my Pixel Watch’s battery life was when it first launched.

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Back in October, I had to be extremely cautious with my battery usage and keep the AOD turned off if I wanted to leave my charger at home for the day. Otherwise, with moderate usage and AOD enabled, I was lucky to get 12 to 15 hours of battery life, which meant I had to charge it twice a day. That was already pretty bad, but what was even worse was witnessing how rapidly the battery drained during simple activities.

For instance, when I first reviewed the Pixel Watch, I made a short phone call, tinkered with settings, and then did a 30-minute test run. In just about an hour or so, I had lost a whopping 41 percent of battery life, with the run alone accounting for 30 percent of that drain. It wasn’t just a one-time issue; this kind of rapid battery drain was a recurring problem.

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