Top-rated Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)
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Top-rated Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)

What are Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms?

A Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) is a comprehensive solution that safeguards your cloud assets with unified security measures. The CNAPP platform offers a solid shield from development to production of all aspects of your business’ cloud-based applications. CNAPP offers reassuring assurance in an application security landscape that is ever-increasingly worried.

Benefits Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms

The benefits of being cloud-native will guide your priorities and decisions along the way. Stay focused on these advantages to stay on track:

1. Avoid vendor lock-in

In the past, vendors offered rigid three-year licenses for closed hardware. Now, open source and cloud tech prevail, making hybrid- and multi-cloud common. Enterprises often blend on-premises centers with public clouds. Even within cloud options, the focus is on cross-cloud portability, avoiding vendor lock-in.

2. Build More Reliable Systems

Before, downtime was common, and fault tolerance was tough and costly. Now, cloud-native methods like microservices and Kubernetes simplify building resilient apps with self-repair capabilities. This isolates incidents, preventing full app crashes. Cloud-native microservices enhance uptime and user experience compared to old monolithic setups.

3. Reduced cost through containerization & cloud standards

Containers simplify independent app management and security, detached from the underlying infrastructure. Kubernetes stands as the favored industry choice for large-scale container management. Being open source, it’s the cloud’s resource management standard. Cloud-native apps thrive on containers. Besides Kubernetes, robust tools further enhance this ecosystem, promoting standardization and cost reduction. Cloud-native perks like Serverless allow dynamic workloads and precise pay-per-use pricing, reflecting unmatched pricing flexibility.

4. Ease of management

Cloud-native introduces seamless infrastructure management options. PaaS platforms like Heroku and App Engine started this trend, evolving into serverless offerings such as Azure Functions and AWS Lambda.

Serverless platforms enable code upload in function form, handling all execution concerns. No provisioning, networking setup, or storage allocation is needed – it’s all managed by serverless platforms.

5. Superior customer experiences

Crafting an exceptional customer experience demands rapid feature rollout and constant refinement. A mobile-first strategy and human-centered design, like design thinking, are vital.

Presently, unlocking enterprise data focuses on enriching customer and staff interactions. APIs link vast data stores to agile front-end apps.

This preserves legacy investments, reinvigorating them through mobile and web extensions, sidestepping disruption. In today’s landscape, nimble startups challenge traditional models. Cloud-native apps emerge as key to enhancing customer experiences.

6. Faster release pace

In the competitive landscape, speed to market defines innovation leaders from laggards. Swiftly creating and delivering customer value shields against disruptions in today’s dynamic scene.

DevOps modernization entails automated software delivery: from builds and tests to deployments. This transforms the pipeline for speed and predictability.

Cloud-native apps boost DevOps, allowing automation and collaboration that eluded local development and server-based delivery times.

Comparing the Top Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)

CompanyNameBest forMost Suitable ForBenefits
Palo Alto NetworksPrisma CloudWho wants to secure Application code to the cloudprevents threats across your public cloud infrastructure, APIs, and data at runtimeComprehensive Security
Speed and Agility
Reduced Cost and Complexity
Full Lifecycle Security
SysdigSysdig Secureprovides security across the life cycle for containers, Kubernetes, and cloud servicesdeliver security, monitoring, and forensicsEnd-to-end security for containers, Kubernetes, and cloud services.
Integrated secure DevOps workflow for build pipelines.
Real-time threat detection and response.
Enforced Zero Trust network security.
Continuous compliance validation.
WizWizA powerful, reliable, feature-packed platformBusinesses of all sizes• A wide range of features
• Flexible pricing
• User-friendly product with an intuitive interface
Orca SecurityOrca SecurityAll in One highly powerful platformBusinesses of all sizes• Cost effective
 • Fast and easy operations
 • Useful automation
LaceworkLacework Polygraph Data PlatformAutomate the risks across the cloud environmentwho want to automatically find the truth about risks across cloud environmentsData-driven Risk Insights
Automated Behavioral Analytics
Contextual Alert Precision
CrowdStrikeCrowdStrike Falconstop breaches via a unified set of cloud-delivered technologies that prevent all types of attacksstop breaches via a unified set of cloud-delivered technologies that prevent all types of attacksQuick Value
Enhanced Protection
Cost & Complexity Reduction
Preemptive Security
MicrosoftMicrosoft Defender for Cloudworks seamlessly with Microsoft cloud servicesfor Cloud is a cloud security posture management (CSPM) and cloud workload protection solutionworks seamlessly with Microsoft Cloud services
UptycsUptycs Unified CNAPP & XDR significant security visibility across your assetsRisk reduction through prioritized threat responseUnified XDR and CNAPP
Cloud Security Solutions
comprehensive Capabilities
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