Passkey: Which popular apps and services offer the new feature?
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Passkey: Which popular apps and services offer the new feature?

In 2022, Apple introduced a revolutionary feature called passkeys, which has since gained widespread adoption by major apps and services. Passkeys represent a significant step towards a password-free future, simplifying the login process for users.

FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium collaborated to develop passkeys, which were developed by Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Passkeys are cryptographic keys that are uniquely associated with certain devices, allowing users to verify their identity.

This passkey consists of a public and private pair, with the private portion securely stored on the user’s device. The public part is what gets registered with the particular service or app.

Ensuring security, the device safeguards this secure element, and to activate it, users can employ convenient biometric security methods such as Touch ID or Face ID, available on supported devices.

Now, let’s dive into how to utilize passkeys on your compatible devices, as this functionality debuted with iOS 16 and macOS Ventura.

One remarkable aspect of passkeys is their built-in support for multi-factor authentication. This means that users no longer need to juggle between remembering usernames, passwords, and passcodes during the login process.

Passkeys enable end-to-end encryption, which enhances the security of digital interactions once they have been set up. iCloud Keychain also allows access to passkeys on non-Apple devices through seamless integration with Apple devices.

In essence, passkeys represent a user-friendly and highly secure way to access services and apps, eliminating the hassle of traditional passwords and enhancing data protection across the digital landscape.

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Apps and services with passkey

After Apple introduced passkeys, the adoption of this feature gained momentum and started off strong. Throughout 2022, major players in the digital landscape, including Best Buy, eBay, and Google, embraced and integrated passkeys into their systems. This widespread support from industry giants highlights the growing recognition of the advantages and security benefits offered by passkeys in our digital interactions.

Apps and services that support passkey as of September 6, 2023

AppleBest BuyeBayDashlane
GitHubHome DepotInstacartMicrosoft
RobinhoodShop PayShopifyTikTok

Since Passkey is already an industry standard, better integration will be available, so users can simply expect better security with their devices.

Apple, for instance, is going to autogenerate Apple ID passkeys for iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma users. This means as users visit Apple’s website or the iCloud website, they will be automatically logged in via a passkey.


Apps and services that are working on passkey support

LinkedInX, formerly TwitterWhatsApp

In addition to improving integration for better security, Passkeys are already an industry standard, so support will roll out continuously, based on this list.

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