X working on game streaming, online shopping
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X working on game streaming, online shopping

X tests game streaming and live shopping features

X will introduce new features like game streaming and live shopping with Paris Hilton in order to attract users, Elon Musk confirms

Elon Musk is on the lookout for cutting-edge video features to enhance his newly rebranded platform, X. He’s eyeing game streaming and online shopping capabilities, aiming to mold the platform into an all-inclusive “everything app.”

X, formerly recognized as Twitter, is delving into the realm of basic game streaming features reminiscent of Twitch. Currently, these features are exclusively accessible to X premium subscribers. Elon Musk recently showcased this functionality in action during a 54-minute Diablo IV stream posted from an undisclosed Twitter account. In response to the post, Musk confirmed that this exciting feature was indeed on the way.


Mark Kalman, an engineer at X, released a video tutorial detailing the process for Premium subscribers to enable game streaming directly from their accounts. In the video, he explained how users can seamlessly set up game streaming by connecting Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to their Twitter account through X Media Studio. This user-friendly guide aims to empower Premium subscribers to enjoy a smooth and immersive game streaming experience on the platform.

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The recently introduced feature on X supports viewer comments during streams, enhancing the interactive experience for users. However, it currently lacks many of the creator-centric features found on other platforms. In addition to this, the company has revealed plans to collaborate with Paris Hilton on a new shopping feature. According to reports from Variety, Hilton has committed to producing “four original video content programs per year that include live-shopping features.” This partnership signifies an exciting step towards integrating live shopping into the platform, offering users unique and engaging content experiences.

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X appears to be making vigorous efforts to get more users to join and re-join the platform by adding new features. When the product launches, it remains to be seen how the reported features will turn out.

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