Nintendo Switch: Super Mario Wonder is worth it
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Nintendo Switch: Super Mario Wonder is worth it

“Super Mario Wonder is like a warm, inviting smile that instantly puts you at ease. Its overwhelming sweetness might catch you off guard initially – the cheerful flowers offering friendly messages, the uplifting melodies, and the supportive guidance. Is it an excessive effort, or should you simply surrender to its embrace and enjoy the delightful experience?”

Magic is my ultimate fascination; I indulge in mastering intricate magic tricks and relish in solving mysterious puzzles. My adventures lead me to peculiar and whimsical places such as Meow Wolf, where the unexpected thrills me. I’m captivated by the enigmatic allure of experimental technologies like VR and AR. When I encountered Super Mario Wonder, I immediately sensed its ambition to astonish, presenting a delightful array of novel concepts and unexpected surprises. As a devoted fan of Nintendo’s peculiar creations, I welcomed the game’s eccentricity, appreciating its unique blend of weirdness and kindness.

Super Mario Wonder, a title I affectionately refer to as Super Mario Bros. Wonder, is a delightful nod to classic games such as Super Mario World. Yet, it seamlessly injects fresh, clever energy into every moment, offering a nostalgic experience while embracing innovative ideas. Despite its 2D format, the game’s 3D graphics shine brilliantly, akin to the recent Sonic Superstars, enhancing the overall visual charm and gameplay experience.

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Your experience with Super Mario Wonder truly captures its essence. The game’s introduction of surprise-level transformations through the Wonder Flower indeed provides endless avenues for engaging gameplay within each main stage, reminiscent of the delightful unpredictability found in Nintendo classics like WarioWare.

Super Mario Wonder

What sets this game apart is not just its innovative mechanics, but the genuine warmth it exudes. It becomes more than just a game; it feels like a comforting friend, always there to guide and uplift. Your personal connection with it, especially during challenging times like your recent hospitalization, highlights the game’s unique ability to provide solace and energy. It’s akin to being greeted by a dear friend, infusing you with newfound vitality and joy. Super Mario Wonder’s ability to resonate on such a profound level showcases the magic of Nintendo’s game design and its power to bring comfort and positivity to players’ lives.

Mario game ideas for the next decade

Super Mario Wonder is a treasure trove of innovative ideas, introducing a plethora of fresh concepts that are bound to become staples in future Mario games. The introduction of badges, which enhance your character’s skills and are unlocked progressively, adds a fascinating layer of strategy. Certain levels align perfectly with specific badges, leading to exciting discoveries and enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

The charming Flower Kingdom, with its talking flowers offering friendly greetings and valuable hints, is a testament to the game’s attention to detail. These blossoms not only add a delightful touch but also serve as subtle guides, aiding players as they navigate the longer and more intricate stages, distinguishing Wonder from the typical New Super Mario Bros. U level. With dozens of levels to explore and a plethora of hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered, the game offers a sense of endless exploration, leaving players eagerly anticipating what other surprises they might have missed.

The insight you’ve shared about Super Mario Wonder’s development and design philosophy is truly fascinating. Nintendo’s thoughtful approach to online play, allowing seamless integration with the option to collaborate or seek guidance from fellow players, represents a refreshing direction for future Nintendo titles. This flexible online feature, reminiscent of Elden Ring’s collaborative spirit, adds a unique dimension to the gameplay experience.

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The game’s diverse array of mechanics, from bubble-blowing to transforming into elephants, coupled with the subtle yet delightful ways it subverts expectations, showcases Nintendo’s innovative spirit. Moreover, the game’s adaptable gameplay duration, whether enjoyed for extended sessions or quick bursts, accommodates various player preferences.

Your decision to keep the remaining surprises under wraps is wise; after all, Super Mario Wonder seems like a magical journey best experienced firsthand, a captivating voyage into the unknown realms of Mario’s universe. It’s a testament to Nintendo’s dedication to creating enchanting and unexpected adventures, leaving players eager to explore the mysteries of the Mario unknown.

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Do you own a Mario game right now?

Probably, your perspective provides valuable guidance for anyone diving into the world of Mario on the Nintendo Switch. Super Mario Wonder and Super Mario Odyssey stand out as essential titles, each offering a unique experience. While Odyssey remains your top choice, Super Mario Wonder shines as the most accessible and family-friendly option, boasting exceptional online play modes.

Your exclusion of spin-offs like Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Maker 2 makes sense, given their specific focuses, but Super Mario Wonder takes the crown as the ideal recommendation for families interested in a nonracing Mario adventure. Even in comparison to the acclaimed Super Mario 3D World, Wonder’s multiplayer and online cooperative modes emerge as exceptionally well-executed features.

Being a fresh addition to the series, Super Mario Wonder stands alongside significant releases like Metroid Dread, marking a momentous occasion in Mario’s legacy. Your comparison suggests that Wonder, much like Dread, represents a stellar addition to the Nintendo Switch library, offering an experience worthy of the Mario name.

Is the Switch still worth buying?

Absolutely, the Nintendo Switch continues to captivate players with its stellar lineup of exclusive titles and family-friendly appeal. With outstanding releases like Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Pikmin 4, and the recently acclaimed Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the console’s library remains diverse and impressive. Despite the anticipation for Nintendo’s next move, whether an enhanced Switch or an entirely new console, the current Switch’s combination of compact size, family-friendly design, and outstanding games has solidified its status as your favorite gaming system, even six years after its initial launch.

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Super Mario Wonder runs beautifully on the Switch, and the Switch is still a great console. As I said in my review of Tears of the Kingdom, this feels like the swan song for the Switch generation. 

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