X to launch two new premium tiers soon
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X to launch two new premium tiers soon

Things are about to get even more complicated.

X subscription tiers will confuse you more. X owner Elon Musk tweeted on Friday that the company plans to launch two new Premium subscription tiers soon.

“The one is cheaper, but has no ad reduction, while the other is more expensive, but has no ads.” he wrote.

It remains uncertain whether these tiers will replace Twitter’s existing paid subscription tier, previously known as Blue but now referred to as Premium, or if they will be introduced as additional options.

Recent reports from Bloomberg indicate that Twitter is currently experimenting with three new subscription levels: Basic, Standard, and Plus. Under this model, Basic users would continue to encounter ads on their For You page, while Standard users would experience half the usual amount of ads. Plus users, on the other hand, would enjoy an ad-free experience altogether.

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In New Zealand and the Philippines, X recently started charging an annual fee of $1 to combat spam.

After Elon Musk took over Twitter a year ago, the company tried different ways for people to pay for special features. They hoped this would stop spam and make more money. However, nothing has worked very well so far. Twitter hasn’t shared how many people are using the paid features, but it seems like the problems still continue.

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