Instagram Messenger chats are being discontinued by Meta
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Instagram Messenger chats are being discontinued by Meta

We are removing the cross-app feature.

Meta is severing the connection between Facebook chats and Instagram messages, as well as the reverse.

Initially introduced as an optional cross-app feature in 2019, this integration aimed to unify Meta’s messaging platforms, combining Messenger and Instagram, while WhatsApp remained an independent platform. However, a recent discovery on Instagram’s support page, highlighted by 9to5Google, discloses that this chat integration will be dismantled by mid-December.

Following the discontinuation of the feature, users will no longer have the capability to initiate new conversations or calls with Facebook accounts through Instagram. Additionally, Meta has unveiled other noteworthy changes, including:

  • All existing chats that a user has had with Facebook accounts will become read-only. No new messages can be sent.
  • Facebook accounts won’t be able to view a user’s Activity Status or whether a message has been read.
  • Any existing chats a user has had with Facebook accounts will not move to their inbox on Facebook or Messenger.

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While no specific reasons have been provided for these changes, speculation is circulating that they might be influenced by the European Digital Markets Act (DMA). In September of this year, the European Commission leveled accusations of “gatekeeping” against six major tech companies, with Meta being one of them. The DMA is likely contributing to the shifting landscape and decisions made by Meta in this regard.

“More choice for consumers, fewer obstacles for smaller competitors,” emphasized Thierry Breton, the European Commissioner for Internal Market, in a statement made in September. He expressed that the Digital Markets Act (DMA) aims to pave the way for increased options for consumers and reduced barriers for smaller competitors, envisioning the DMA as a key mechanism to open the gates to a more dynamic and competitive internet landscape.

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