Added to Fortnite’s next chapter are boss battles, Lego, Solid Snake, and a new island
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Added to Fortnite’s next chapter are boss battles, Lego, Solid Snake, and a new island

In Chapter 5: Underground, Fortnite’s battle royale undergoes some significant changes following The Big Bang Event. Peter Griffin is also present.

Fortnite is going underground after The Big Bang event on Saturday. The Chapter 4 island got destroyed, and now a new season called “Underground” is bringing significant changes to the battle royale game. There’s a fresh island, cool features like boss battles, fun Lego skins, and even more characters like Solid Snake from Metal Gear and Peter Griffin from Family Guy joining the action. Exciting times ahead!

In the latest update, Chapter 5: Season 1 has transformed the Fortnite island. This means a bunch of brand-new places to explore. Now, you can hop on a train and travel along a railway. There are also new spots like marinas, fancy mansions, and a fresh grassland area. Oh, and don’t forget about the snowy landscapes that have been added to the mix. Lots of exciting changes to check out!

Speaking of gameplay tweaks, the island is now home to five boss characters, and one of them is none other than Peter Griffin. If you manage to defeat these bosses, you’ll score a medallion with a nifty perk – it slowly restores your shields over time. But here’s the catch: holding onto a medallion broadcasts your location on the map, so other players can see where you are. Epic notes that the more medallions you collect, the more accurately your location is revealed. It’s a balancing act of risk and reward in the game!

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There’s a bunch of other cool stuff added too! Now, you can cruise around in an SUV, and there’s a new weapon called the Ballistic Shield. With this shield, you can defend yourself while firing a pistol at the same time – double the action! Plus, you can now move around while healing or restoring shields, which adds a tactical twist. There’s also a neat feature to mod weapons in specific locations on the island.

And guess what? Now you can pimp out your ride! Not just your character and weapons, but your vehicles too. You can pick different bodies, decals, and wheels for your vehicle. So, when you hop into a sports car in the game, it’ll look just the way you want it. Oh, and if you’re into Rocket League, some items will carry over if you play both games. Customization galore!


If you grab this season’s battle pass, you’re in for a treat. You can eventually unlock all the new boss characters, a fresh version of Jones, and later in the season, Solid Snake.

But wait, there’s more – Lego is coming to Fortnite! Epic announced a new in-game experience called Lego Fortnite, launching on December 7th. It’s part of an ongoing partnership, described as a “survival crafting” game. The Lego collaboration also extends to the game’s skins. More than 1,200 existing skins will have a Lego style option, turning characters like Peely the banana into Lego bricks. However, it seems like these styles will only work in Lego experiences within Fortnite. Get ready for some blocky fun!

Chapter 5 is making its debut at a super hectic moment for Fortnite. The game got a massive popularity boost with the release of Fortnite OG in November. This special edition brought back the original island, complete with fan-favorite locations, items, and characters. Epic reports that November 4th marked the game’s biggest day ever, with a whopping 44 million players.

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The excitement reached its peak with The Big Bang live event on Saturday. During this event, not only did the Chapter 4 island bite the dust, but there was also a virtual concert featuring Eminem. Fortnite is on fire right now!

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