How to watch the ‘GTA 6’ trailer
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How to watch the ‘GTA 6’ trailer

Take a look at the gaming history being made.

Curious about catching the GTA 6 trailer? It’s undeniably one of the most eagerly awaited games in history, and you’re probably eager to witness the trailer live and dive into the whirlwind of social media reactions and memes.

Here’s a straightforward guide on how to tune in for the GTA 6 trailer on Tuesday, Dec. 5.

What is the release date of the ‘GTA 6 trailer’?

The long-awaited GTA 6 trailer is set to debut on Tuesday, Dec. 5, at 9 a.m. EST, as confirmed by a tweet from Rockstar Games on Dec. 1.

On November 8, Rockstar Games hinted at a December release for the GTA 6 trailer through their announcement on Rockstar Newswire. Now, we have the precise date and time for the unveiling.

After a wait of over a decade since the launch of Grand Theft Auto V, fans are finally getting a glimpse of the highly expected game with the release of its first trailer this week.

‘GTA 6’ trailer: how to watch

Rockstar’s YouTube channel and X account are expected to release the GTA 6 trailer. (This is how it usually rolls out its trailers for other titles.)


Currently, there isn’t a designated YouTube premiere video for the trailer, so stay tuned to Rockstar’s social media pages and be vigilant for fresh content by periodically refreshing your feed.

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