GTA is heading to Netflix? The streaming giant is reportedly in talks to license it
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GTA is heading to Netflix? The streaming giant is reportedly in talks to license it

Sony and Xbox are the leaders in the streaming industry.

Netflix is talking to a game company, Take-Two Interactive, to bring the popular game Grand Theft Auto to Netflix. This is happening nearly two years after Netflix started its gaming division.

Netflix’s gaming division has kept a low profile since its debut. It has mainly focused on mobile games tied to popular series such as Stranger Things, Squid Game, and Wednesday. Apart from these in-house mobile games, Netflix also provides licensed games like Balloons TD 6 and Valiant Hearts. The best part is that all of these games are available to subscribers at no extra cost through the Netflix app. The primary aim is to keep existing users engaged, rather than using games as a way to attract new customers.

Netflix is taking a big step forward with its games division. It’s looking to introduce a cloud gaming service, similar to Xbox Cloud Gaming, for streaming more advanced games. This news comes from a report by The Wall Street Journal, which states that Netflix is working with Take-Two on a licensing deal to bring a game set in the GTA universe to their platform.

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Netflix’s gaming ambitions go beyond just Grand Theft Auto. They are also exploring games related to their Sherlock Holmes series, the Extraction franchise led by Chris Hemsworth, and Black Mirror. This shows that Netflix is not only trying to compete in the cloud gaming arena but also using games as a way to keep its subscribers engaged.

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This approach is similar to how Netflix secured rights to popular shows like Friends and The Office in the past to finance their original content.

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