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Playing games with friends is super fun, right? Imagine if you could play with your friends no matter what gaming console they have – Xbox, PlayStation, or any other. That’s where cross-platform games come in! These games let you play with your friends, regardless of the gaming system they use. There are lots of these games coming out every month, so you’ll never run out of options. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones you should try out!

Best Cross-Platform Games, Ranked

There are so many games out there that support cross-platform play, that it’s impossible to list them all. That’s why this list of the best cross-platform games is carefully selected based on how much fun they are to play with friends, their gameplay, and personal preference.

If your favorite games aren’t on this list, don’t worry! You can always leave a comment telling us what your favorites are and why you enjoy them so much. We love hearing about new and exciting games from fellow gamers!

5. Minecraft

Best Games

Minecraft stands tall as the ultimate cross-platform game, having sold over 300 million copies worldwide. Its versatility knows no bounds — from constructing vast kingdoms and exploring dungeons to battling otherworldly creatures or recreating maps from games like Bloodborne, the possibilities are endless. 

What truly makes Minecraft exceptional is its multiplayer feature. Playing with friends elevates the experience to new heights, making it incredibly engaging and enjoyable. With its limitless creativity and social interactions, Minecraft easily secures its spot among the best cross-platform games. You can invest countless hours and still find there’s always more to discover, making it an enduring and endlessly captivating gaming adventure.

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4. No Man’s Sky


No Man’s Sky has undergone a remarkable transformation since its initial release. Many doubted its potential to become a good game, let alone a fantastic cross-platform experience. However, over time, Hello Games has defied expectations and turned No Man’s Sky into something truly remarkable.

Today, No Man’s Sky stands out as one of the finest space simulators and cross-platform games available. Its innovative crafting and survival mechanics are impressive, but what truly sets it apart is the ability to jump into your spaceship and seamlessly explore the galaxy, all while enjoying the company of your friends. The game’s vast universe and the joy of exploring it together make it a standout cross-platform gaming experience.

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3. Fall Guys

Best Cross Platform Games

Fall Guys may not be as intense as Street Fighter 6 or as action-packed as Borderlands 3, but it’s a fantastic choice if you and your friends want a game that will make you laugh. In this funny adventure game, you and 59 other players navigate through various levels, trying your best to avoid falling and aiming to win.

The game’s charm lies in its unpredictability and constant chaos. With 60 players on-screen at once, every moment is filled with hilarious surprises. Fall Guys is perfect for anyone looking for a lighthearted and entertaining experience, and that’s why I consider it one of the best cross-platform games out there.

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2. Borderlands 3

Best Xbox Games

Borderlands 3 is a fantastic game that you can play with your friends across different platforms while chatting on Discord. You can team up with up to four players, making the already crazy story mode even more chaotic. It’s like reading a wild story about yourself in a parallel world.

The game features epic boss battles, a huge open world, hundreds of different weapons, and a fun story. These elements make Borderlands 3 one of the best cross-platform games available. You’ll face off against lots of enemies like Psychos and Jet Troopers, with bullets flying everywhere, making the game even more intense. 

Overall, Borderlands 3 is a crazy and enjoyable adventure from the beginning to the end, especially when played with friends.

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1. Street Fighter 6


Street Fighter 6 is a fantastic game that came out in 2023. It’s the newest main game in the series since 2016, and it didn’t disappoint.

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The game has cool graphics and includes 20 famous characters, with more being added. Whether you’re playing alone or with a friend, Street Fighter 6 is the perfect fighting game to enjoy. What’s great is that you can play with your friends no matter what platform they’re on, making it the best game for fighting fans who want to play together.

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