5 Exciting Features to Expect from the Apple Watch Ultra 2 at the Upcoming Apple Event
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5 Exciting Features to Expect from the Apple Watch Ultra 2 at the Upcoming Apple Event

Apple Watch Ultra 2 features that would take the user experience to the next level if released.

The much-awaited Apple event is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store! Rumors suggest that the event will unveil a new iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9, and possibly the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra. As someone who has been using the current Ultra for almost a year, I can attest that it’s the best smartwatch money can buy. But what features would make the next version even better? Let’s find out!

Apple Watch Ultra 2

The public beta of WatchOS 10 gives us a sneak peek into some of the updates we can expect from the Apple Watch Ultra. These include topographic maps and support for Bluetooth accessories such as power meter pedals. These additions are sure to make the Apple Watch Ultra stand out as a top-tier smartwatch. However, we’re hoping that the Ultra 2 will have even more safety- and sports-focused options to take our experience to the next level.

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Two sizes to suit more wrists

I’m a fan of sporty and outdoor watches, but sometimes they can be a bit bulky for everyday wear. My wrist is on the smaller side, measuring just 152mm, so even though the 49mm Ultra watch doesn’t seem too big to me, it could feel overwhelming for those with smaller wrists. Offering a smaller size option would make the Ultra watch more appealing to folks like me who want a rugged watch with a more compact case.

Looking at the Apple Watch Series, they come in various finishes, so why not offer more choices for the Ultra too? Currently, the titanium Ultra watch comes in only one color. I’ve heard rumors about a darker titanium finish, which I think would look fantastic, especially when paired with Apple’s midnight ocean band. It’s all about adding a touch of style and versatility to this impressive watch.

Emergency SOS via Satellite on the Apple Watch

One of the standout features of the upcoming iPhone 14 is its Emergency SOS via Satellite capability, allowing you to communicate with emergency services even in remote areas without cellular coverage. This life-saving feature has already proven its worth, and it only makes sense to extend it to the Apple Watch Ultra 2. While we hope you never find yourself in an emergency situation, for those who use the Ultra as their go-to outdoor adventure companion, this would be an invaluable safety addition.

In WatchOS 10, there’s already support for SOS waypoints in the compass app, helping you visually retrace your steps to the last point with a cell signal. However, this method requires you to backtrack to that location. The Ultra already boasts features like a built-in siren for audible alerts to nearby individuals, fall detection, and Emergency SOS when you have cell service. So, it’s a logical step to enhance its safety toolkit with satellite connectivity for those off-grid moments, ensuring you’re never truly out of reach when it matters most.

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A built-in flashlight for extra safety

Every Apple Watch comes equipped with a screen-based flashlight accessible from the Control Center. For individuals like me who venture out for walks or runs in the dark, this feature is handy. However, it has its limitations because it takes up the entire screen, rendering other information, such as workout stats, temporarily inaccessible.

What I’d truly appreciate is the addition of a dedicated built-in flashlight that could light up my path without compromising the usability of the watch. It’s a feature that could significantly enhance safety and convenience.

Looking to the Garmin Fenix 7 Pro series for inspiration, they’ve integrated a similar LED light, proving its worth as a valuable safety tool. You have the flexibility to adjust the brightness level, switch to a red light for improved night vision, and even set it to strobe or pulse to alert others to your presence. Such versatility in a built-in flashlight would be a fantastic addition to future Apple Watches.

Slimmer bezels and a new processor

The Apple Watch Ultra’s defining design element is its flat screen, which lends it a sleek and modern look. However, there’s one minor drawback: if you opt for a watch face with a light background, you might notice a hint of the bezel around the display’s edge. To fully maximize the potential of its 49mm case size, I have a strong desire to see a genuine edge-to-edge display that seamlessly meets the case.

Building on the speculation of my colleague Lisa Eadiccico in her Apple Watch Series 9 wishlist, I share the hope for the always-on display to evolve further. Many of our TheOrcTech readers and viewers frequently inquire about watches that can display seconds constantly on the screen. While this might be possible with a newer and more powerful processor, it remains speculative at this stage. Nonetheless, the prospect of an edge-to-edge display and enhanced always-on capabilities is certainly an exciting one for future Apple Watch models.

Recovery metrics to help you train better

The Apple Watch is a powerhouse when it comes to tracking health and fitness metrics, from VO2 Max to sleep quality, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate variability. However, what I’m really eager to see in the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the interpretation of these metrics, providing users with valuable recovery insights similar to those offered by sports and endurance watches.

Imagine if the Ultra 2 could help you determine how a poor night’s sleep might affect your readiness for training the next day. Visualizing this could involve introducing an additional ring in the Activity app, serving as an indicator of your readiness or “charge” based on the previous day’s activity and your sleep quality. It could even go a step further by offering personalized workout suggestions from Fitness+ based on your current readiness level.

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These features find their counterparts in other sports watches on the market. For instance, Garmin has the “Body Battery” to gauge how well your body is coping with your training regimen, while Polar displays metrics like cardio and muscle load post-workout. Fitbit’s “Daily Readiness Score” assesses your readiness on a scale of 100 and recommends workouts based on your score. Incorporating such recovery-focused capabilities into the Apple Watch Ultra 2 would be a game-changer for fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike.

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