Instagram head says Threads API is in the works
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Instagram head says Threads API is in the works

Instagram Adam Mosseri, announced some exciting news today. Instagram is working on something called the Threads API. This means developers will soon be able to create different apps and cool experiences using Threads. It’s a big step that will bring lots of new creative ideas to Instagram.

In a conversation with journalist Casey Newton, Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, discussed a TweetDeck-like experience for Threads. Mosseri expressed concerns about this leading to an influx of publisher content, potentially overshadowing creator content.

Despite his worries, he acknowledged the importance of this development and confirmed that Instagram is actively working on it.

Threads has adopted a unique stance on news content, avoiding the label of being “anti-news” but also refraining from actively amplifying news. This approach contrasts with traditional news outlets that have heavily relied on third-party tools and integrations with social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to automatically disseminate their articles.

The challenge arises with newer platforms like Threads, which lack robust APIs, forcing publishers to manually post content. This manual process is far from ideal, especially for news organizations that publish numerous articles daily.

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Adam Mosseri, expressing concerns about overwhelming content pushed through API integration, brings up a valid point. Simultaneously, creators require diverse tools to post various content formats. APIs facilitate developers in creating tailored features for platforms, making the user experience more engaging and dynamic.

In the current landscape, social networks like Twitter (now X) and Reddit have made it challenging for third-party developers to build clients. Unlike them, Threads possesses a substantial user base, recently reported at nearly 100 million monthly active users by Meta. Opening up its API and fostering a healthy third-party app ecosystem could significantly benefit Threads. While this move might not drastically increase the user count, it would certainly provide users with alternative ways to explore the platform.

Despite the Threads team introducing several features since its launch, the prospect of a third-party app ecosystem holds immense potential. Developers could leverage this opportunity to introduce innovative features that users have been eagerly anticipating, enhancing the overall Threads experience.

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Meta and Mosseri have discussed the possibility of integrating Threads with the Fedisverse. To achieve this objective, establishing an open ecosystem supported by a robust API would be a significant stride in the right direction.

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