The Lost Crown is part Metroidvania, part Souls-like, and all fun
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The Lost Crown is part Metroidvania, part Souls-like, and all fun

Just two weeks into 2024, a contender for Game of the Year has emerged! Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown isn’t just good, it’s a masterclass in crafting an engaging and rewarding 2D sidescrolling Metroidvania. So good I can’t wait to get back to playing myself!

Step into the sandals of Sargon, an elite Immortal tasked with rescuing the kidnapped Prince from the perilous Mount Qaf. As you ascend, Sargon gathers tools, weapons, and trinkets to tackle the mountain’s intricate challenges.

Instead of groundbreaking mechanics, The Lost Crown shines in its exceptional execution of familiar platforming tropes. Air dashes, boomerang arrows, and dimension-shifting abilities dance together in a symphony of level design. Every button press feels purposeful, every movement smooth and satisfying. Even when puzzles get fiendish (and they do!), repetition never feels frustrating. I relished the intricate dance of buttons like a jazz musician lost in improvisation.

Combat follows suit, demanding strategic use of Sargon’s arsenal against increasingly tough enemies and bosses. Mastering enemy patterns and weaving through attacks becomes a thrilling ballet of blade and spell. While later combat abilities felt less impactful, the core system remains deeply satisfying.

The Lost Crown’s true innovation lies in its massive, interconnected map. Each unique area, from sand-swept corridors to cursed libraries, offers distinct platforming challenges and hidden secrets. The game cleverly combats Metroidvania backtracking with a signpost system, allowing players to pinpoint areas unlocked by newly acquired abilities. This thoughtful design respects your time, letting you focus on exploration and mastery.

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In a world of sprawling open worlds, The Lost Crown’s streamlined experience is a breath of fresh air. Ubisoft has taken a classic formula and elevated it to new heights, crafting a narrative and gameplay experience that is both familiar and exhilarating. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is a must-play for fans of platforming perfection, launching January 15th on all major platforms.

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