Rockstar Games releases GTA 6 early after X/Twitter trailer leaks
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Rockstar Games releases GTA 6 early after X/Twitter trailer leaks

I’ll tell you how it went.

Fans eagerly awaited the trailer to Grand Theft Auto 6 for a decade. Finally, the trailer was released on December 5, 2023.

The excitement, however, took an unexpected turn when an anonymous leaker chose Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter) as the platform to unveil the trailer a day ahead of schedule. This unforeseen twist added an element of surprise and controversy to what was already a highly anticipated event.

Because the leaked GTA 6 trailer was spreading all over the internet, Rockstar Games probably felt they had no choice but to put out their official version early. Now, you can check it out on YouTube.

An account with the handle @Gta6trailerleak on X seemed to have a clear mission: to share the GTA 6 trailer ahead of time. The video didn’t stay up for too long, judging by screenshots circulating online. It seems that X swiftly suspended the account, doing so within an hour of the leaked trailer being posted.

As reported by TheOrcTech, Rockstar wasted no time in response to the situation. They promptly released their official trailer approximately 10 minutes after X suspended the account that uploaded the leaked video.

The leaked video, which we now know was legitimate, had a “BUY $BTC” watermark overlaid over the entire clip.

Musk’s X has become quite familiar with leaks, piracy, and the posting of copyrighted content. Since the introduction of extended-length video uploads for X Premium subscribers, users have been sharing entire feature films on the platform, often without the proper permissions from the copyright owners.

Interestingly, X CEO Linda Yaccarino proudly highlighted the substantial number of views that Rockstar’s GTA 6 post, promoting the Tuesday release date, garnered on the platform during a Friday announcement.

“90+ million views in under 12hrs,” Yaccarino announced. “See you Tuesday!”

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But, thanks to the leaker, GTA 6 fans don’t have to wait until Tuesday anymore.

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