New OpenAI interim CEO: Who is she?
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New OpenAI interim CEO: Who is she?

The company is now led by Murati following the sudden departure of Sam Altman.

You might know that Sam Altman has left OpenAI, but let’s focus on the new face in charge, Mira Murati. She’s the interim CEO now.

Mira Murati was announced as the new interim CEO of the company that created ChatGPT, alongside the unexpected departure of Sam Altman. The shift in leadership is expected to be seamless, given that Murati has already been serving in a senior executive role at OpenAI for a considerable period.

You might want to know a few things about OpenAI’s new CEO Murati.

Murati’s background

Born in Albania in 1988, Mira Murati ventured to Canada at the age of 16 to pursue her education at Pearson College UWC. In 2012, she earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Dartmouth. During her academic journey, she gained practical experience through internships, including a stint at Goldman Sachs.

Previously, Murati worked at Tesla

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, was initially involved with OpenAI as an early founder but later severed ties due to disagreements about the company’s direction.

Interestingly, Musk can now mention that the current CEO of OpenAI, Mira Murati, was once part of his team. Murati served as a senior product manager at Tesla for three years, contributing to the development of the Model X during her tenure.

Before her time at Tesla, Mira Murati held a position as an engineer at a French aerospace company. Following her departure from Tesla, she joined Leap Motion, a company specializing in sensor and virtual reality (VR) technology. During her tenure there, Murati took on the role of Vice President of the Product and Engineering division.

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When did Murati join OpenAI?

Mira Murati joined OpenAI in 2018 and played a crucial role in the development of ChatGPT, earning her the title of one of the key minds behind the project. Swiftly rising through the ranks, she assumed the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at the company.

In the past year, Murati has been in the spotlight as OpenAI and its ChatGPT chatbot gained widespread attention. She even made an appearance on The Daily Show to discuss the positive and potentially negative aspects of artificial intelligence. Murati has consistently advocated for responsible AI development and the necessity of regulations in the field.

In an interview with Time earlier this year, Murati emphasized the importance of bringing awareness to the public in a controlled and responsible manner. She stressed the need for diverse input, extending beyond technological aspects to include regulators, governments, and other stakeholders.

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Now, at the age of 35, Murati has taken on the role of interim CEO, leading one of the prominent companies in the rapidly evolving AI industry.

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