Naughty Dog has canceled the Last of Us multiplayer game
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Naughty Dog has canceled the Last of Us multiplayer game

Naughty Dog has canceled the Last of Us multiplayer game

Naughty Dog dropped a bit of a bombshell last Thursday, revealing that they’ve pulled the plug on the multiplayer game they were cooking up in The Last of Us universe. The game, known as The Last of Us Online, had been in the works during the creation of The Last of Us Part II.

In their announcement, Naughty Dog shared that they were pretty excited about where they were going with the multiplayer project. However, they hit a crossroads. To bring The Last of Us Online to life and give it ongoing support, they’d have to go all-in on post-launch content for years. That would seriously cut into their ability to work on new single-player games.

So, Naughty Dog had to make a tough call: either become a studio solely focused on live service games or stick to their roots of crafting those epic single-player narrative games that they’re known for. They chose the latter and assured fans that they’re not abandoning ship on single-player adventures. They teased that they’re cooking up “more than one” big new single-player title.

The writing was on the wall for The Last of Us Online. There was a delay announced in May, and reports suggested that it was on hold. The recent cancellation aligns with Sony scaling back on its live service ambitions, now planning to release six instead of the originally intended twelve by March 2026.

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On a brighter note, fans can still look forward to The Last of Us Part II Remastered, hitting screens on January 19th, 2024. And for those hooked on the HBO series, the second season is set to drop in 2025. Naughty Dog might be shifting gears, but the adventure in The Last of Us universe is far from over.

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