Zoom adds collaborative notes you can edit while on a video call
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Zoom adds collaborative notes you can edit while on a video call

Zoom is making big moves! They’re turning their video calls into a one-stop office suite adventure. Picture this: they’ve just introduced “Notes.” It’s a super exciting addition that lets you create, share, and work on text documents together while you’re on a video call. How cool is that?

Notes will be visible alongside video calls, replacing the usual chat box. This allows participants to make real-time edits during the meeting without the need to switch to another window for note-taking.

Zoom’s objective is to facilitate the creation of meeting agendas, enabling users to edit them during the call and share them with attendees afterward.

Over the past year, Zoom has made substantial efforts to enhance its platform, incorporating email and calendar services, AI features, and more. The company is determined to compete with industry giants like Google and Microsoft, which offer advanced video calling platforms.

Zoom aims to transform its video chat platform into a comprehensive office suite, with its latest addition, Notes, addressing the need for document creation and sharing. Notes will be integrated into video calls, providing a convenient way for users to create and edit text documents in real time while keeping their focus on the meeting.

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This feature is positioned as a valuable tool for meeting preparation and follow-up. Zoom encourages users to create meeting agendas using Notes, allowing collaborative editing during the call and easy sharing with participants.

Zoom has undergone significant expansion in recent months. The company introduced an email and calendar service (@zmail) and enhanced its Team Chat feature to compete with platforms like Slack. Additionally, Zoom has incorporated various AI features to enhance meeting experiences.

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However, Zoom faces tough competition from Google and Microsoft, both of which have improved their video conferencing services. Customers who subscribe to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 already have access to email, calendars, note-taking, video calling, and team chat functionalities. Zoom’s challenge is to develop high-quality alternatives before customers migrate to these integrated services, even if Google and Microsoft’s video calling services are not on par with Zoom’s.

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