In the demo, Humane Ai gave two incorrect answers. Is this a bad sign?
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In the demo, Humane Ai gave two incorrect answers. Is this a bad sign?

Take a break from the Humane AI Pin!

Next year’s release of the Humane AI Pin sparked a huge reaction on social media. And it’s no surprise why – the anticipation is electric!

Humane asserts that the Ai Pin provides a screen-free experience meant to substitute our smartphones. It’s a bit tricky to fully grasp. However, despite not being available yet, critics are already raising doubts about its capabilities.

In the demo, Humane Ai Pin incorrectly answers two questions

Sharp-eyed viewers noticed that the Ai Pin provided incorrect answers to two questions in Humane’s promotional video.

Around the four-minute mark in the demo, Humane co-founder Imran Chaudhri inquired, “When is the next eclipse? And where is the best place to see it?”

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In response, Ai Pin stated, “The next total solar eclipse will occur on April 8th, 2024. The best places to see it are Exmouth, Australia and East Timor.” Internet enthusiasts swiftly corrected the Ai Pin, noting that while the date was accurate, the optimal viewing locations for the next solar eclipse are in certain parts of North America, not Australia.

Chaudhri, with a handful of almonds, inquired about the protein content in his palm. The Ai Pin responded, “These almonds have 15 grams of protein.”

As noted by user @thecreatornate, this information may need to be more accurate, suggesting that 15 grams of protein would be more fitting if Chaudhri was holding around 60 almonds.

Incorrect answers and Humane’s response

In Humane’s Discord server, Sam Sheffer, the Head of New Media, acknowledged the errors. Regarding the eclipse misinformation, Sheffer explained, “There was a bug that incorrectly reported a viewing location of a previous eclipse (rather than the upcoming one).” Regarding the almond mistake, Sheffer clarified, “We started the amount of protein for a half cup of almonds rather than the number in Imran’s hand.”

Is the Humane Ai Pin in trouble with these errors?

Sheffer emphasized that the launch video, featuring the two errors, was produced using pre-release software for the Ai Pin. He asserted that Humane has since addressed these issues, and the video will be updated with accurate responses soon.

“These issues (and any others we identify) will be fixed promptly between now and when customers receive their devices,” Sheffer assured.

The reality is that early adopters of any new technology often encounter initial bugs and flaws. If Humane handles it wisely, they will heed feedback from early users, implementing software updates and enhancing features for future iterations of the model.

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Simply, if you’re among the first to get the Ai Pin, there’s a likelihood of encountering some hiccups. However, this is typical for any new product entering the market.

If the Ai Pin captures your interest, don’t be discouraged by these minor issues. Just keep in mind that first-generation products might be flawed, and perfection might come with future updates.

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