Humane launches AI Pin, a wearable powered by OpenAI
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Humane launches AI Pin, a wearable powered by OpenAI

Introducing the much-anticipated AI wearable without a screen.

After much excitement, the secretive company Humane has finally released its Ai Pin.

The Ai Pin is a special smart wearable that doesn’t need a smartphone or any other connected device to work. Instead of having a screen, it can show images on a surface. The announcement says you can talk to it like you would to a friend, use the touchpad, show it things, use hand movements, or even interact with the cool Laser Ink Display that shows up on your hand.

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Humane has put a Snapdragon processor and an AI brain from OpenAI inside. They haven’t given all the details about this brain, but some hints suggest it’s powered by the advanced GPT-4, according to what The Verge has noticed.

AI pin wearable

Humane, a company started by former Apple executives, sees its new device as the next big thing in portable computing. Co-founder Imran Chaudhri, in a TED Talk, imagines a future where devices powered by artificial intelligence (AI) seamlessly become a part of our lives, without the need for screens. To showcase this vision, Humane collaborated with Coperni for Paris Fashion Week, unveiling the device attached to models’ clothing on the runway. In their announcement, co-founders Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno expressed that the Ai Pin represents their vision of integrating AI into daily life, enhancing our abilities without overshadowing our humanity.

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Humane is making strides in wireless connectivity by introducing its mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and securing an exclusive partnership with T-Mobile for cellular services. The Ai Pin device, available for purchase starting at $699 as a complete kit, includes two battery boosters, a charging pad, a charging case, a cable, and an adapter. For a monthly fee of $24 with T-Mobile, users can enjoy cellular coverage and receive a distinctive phone number. Pre-orders for the Ai Pin will be accepted starting November 16.

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