Exciting Updates Coming to Apple AirPods Lineup in 2024
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Exciting Updates Coming to Apple AirPods Lineup in 2024

Apple fans, get ready for some exciting news, Known tech expert Mark Gurman claims that Apple is planning a major upgrade of its Apple AirPods.

You can expect the following:

1. AirPods Max Refresh

It’s finally time for the high-end AirPods Max to get a refresh, which was last updated in 2020. Two new features will be available in addition to the $550 price tag:

  • USB-C Charging: The new AirPods Max will feature a USB-C charging port, making it easier to power up your favorite over-ear headphones.
  • Stylish Colors: Apple is introducing new colors, adding a touch of personalization to your listening experience.

  Unfortunately, there won’t be many other changes, but we’re crossing our fingers for more surprises!

Apple AirPods

2. Fourth-Generation AirPods

 In 2024, Apple plans to update its standard AirPods. New AirPods will combine the best of both worlds, with a design that combines the current AirPods and AirPods Pro. There are likely to be shorter stems and improved fit, but silicone ear tips may not be included.

  • Active Noise Cancellation: The higher-end version of standard AirPods will include Active Noise Cancellation, previously exclusive to AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.
  • Smart Case: This case features speakers to listen for Find My alerts and a USB-C charging port to boost convenience and functionality.

3. AirPods Pro Upgrade in 2025

In 2025, Apple is planning a significant upgrade for the AirPods Pro. While the exact details are still under wraps, the new design will be accompanied by a faster chip. AirPods Pro may also feature innovative hearing health features to expand its functionality.

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Apple typically releases new products in the latter half of the year, so keep an eye out for these exciting updates, which are expected to roll out later next year and around the end of the following year.

Apple plans to launch an upgraded version of AirPods Max by the end of next year, featuring a USB-C charging port and new color options. While the changes won’t be drastic, users can expect some improvements. Additionally, AirPods Pro is set to undergo a redesign and receive a new chip in 2025. Apple is also working on adding health-related features connected to hearing for the AirPods Pro.

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Stay tuned for more updates from Apple, and get ready to elevate your audio experience with these fantastic new AirPods offerings

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